Dinner with No Recipes

Culinary skills need honing so I have my opportunity when I finally decided to resign from my full time job to become a Stay Home Mum!!

If you are asking me where I obtain my recipes? I’ll honestly tell you everything I cook is based on experimenting, through what I see and taste wherever I go. So here goes my simple dinner whip up.

1. Cashew Salmon with Passion Peach Wine.

Ingredients: 2 slices of salmon (ensure bones are removed), 2 tbsp of white wine, 2 passion fruit (seasonal), 4 pcs of chopped cashew nuts, 1 tsp of peach slice and 1 tsp of fine sugar.

Method of Cooking: Pan-Fried / Baked. I like using the baking method (approx. 15-20mins) as it ensures that the salmon is cook inside out.

2. Spare Ribs Soup.

Ingredients: 1 medium carrot, 7 small potatoes, 3-4 pcs of spare ribs, 8 pcs of red dates,1 tsp of gouji and 1 slice of ginger.

Method of cooking: Boil for about 2hrs to get the flavors of all the ingredients. Highly recommended to steam the meat prior to adding it into the soup as it quickens the process of tendering the meat.

3. Broccoli.

Ingredients: 1 broccoli, 2 tbsp of soup stock and 1 tbsp of good light soya sauce.

Method of cooking: Steam.

4. Steamed Rice.


So time to whip up a meal for your love ones!!

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