Itadakimasu いただきます

Went for breakfast at Ang Mo Kio this morning and had our local delights.

Hawker centre is definitely a good place to find old school authentic delights at reasonable prices and many variety to mix and match.

Dropped by my in-laws’ place to give them bak kwa. Since we were in the East area, we decided to drop by Bedok Mall for the first time. It is a pretty huge mall (under Capitaland) with lots of eateries. Somehow, the malls these days consist of at least 75% eateries compared to fashion stores.

Done my grocery shopping for tonight’s dinner and headed to satisfy hubby’s Japanese food craving @ Itacho Sushi. A wide variety of sushi and small portion selection to satisfy the tastebuds.

Selected a few sushi since there were only 2 of us for lunch.

California Maki. My all time favourite dish at any Japanese restaurant. I like this California maki served at Itacho Sushi as they use the bigger fish roe which are crunchy and “popping” in my mouth.

Salmon Lobster Rolls which are pretty normal.

Roasted Egg. It is served warm and the sweetness level is mild which suits me.

Roasted Foie Gras. It is my first time trying Foie Gras. Honestly, not to my liking due to the overpowering taste of burnt crispy roasted fats.

Sakura Don. Different outburst of sashimi (octopus, salmon, swordfish, roes) flavors happening simultaneously. The presentation does help to uplift my appetite.

Fatty Tuna with Rice. My hubby is a huge fan of Negitoro Don but not me as I find the taste too heavy for me. However, my tastebuds found delight in this mini bowl of fatty tuna with rice. They added leek and radish which enhanced the taste of the fatty tuna. I think I can attempt a big bowl of this sushi without hesitation.


That’s all for recommendation today. Will be whipping up a simple dinner tonight so stay tune to my next update.

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