Mellben Signature


Finally a Saturday get-together dinner with 4 good friends. My 1st visit to Mellben Signature, located at 12 Prince Edward Road (Bestway Building). And after tasting the food, it will definitely not be the last!!

1. Bamboo Clam


The bamboo clam was cooked simply with garlic and chilli padi which enhance the taste. It was nicely cooked till perfection, thus explain the chewiness of the bamboo clam. Enjoyed it!

2. Pea Shoots sautéed with garlic and oyster sauce


A simple sautéed pea shoots cooked till soft and yet crunchy.

3. Fried Tofu


The fried tofu is added with carrot bits to enhance the sweetness of the tofu and fried till golden brown. Something innovative and yummy!! But the honey plum sauce that was for dipping did not complement the dish. So I prefer the fried tofu on its own.

4. Creamy Butter Crab


I am not a fan of butter crab as you normally get the fried version at majority of the other restaurants and/ or the concoction of the cream butter sauce is too over-powering. Melben’s Creamy Butter Crab is fresh and the creamy butter sauce is light, which makes it ideal to be dipped with the fried mantou or drizzled over your rice. I think hubby will like it so shall bring him along next time!

5. Chilli Crab


The Chilli Crab is So Good and Fresh. Their sauce is just right, not too spicy/ too sweet/ too diluted for a Picky Chilli Crab Lover like me. Dipping it with the fried mantou is perfect! Am looking forward to try their other methods of cooking the crabs soon!!

6. Fried Mantou

Nothing much to mention except fried till crispy and not oily. So I actually skipped the rice for the fried mantou.

Ended of our meal with a refreshing coconut juice. Perfect Combo!!


Googled online and found 2 other branches at Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh respectively. But apparently, many people had commented waiting and serving time takes about 1-2hrs. Hence, make your reservation in advance!!

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