Eat Eat You You You

Went to Raffles City this morning to do a shirt replacement and had breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery. Hubby had his usual Kougin Amann and a cup of cuppuccino. I ordered the Apple Kougin Amann (new bake) since I was having craving for apple and a mini jar of It’s Perfect! (Actually, it was simply a glass of Pear, Green Apple & Celery Juice). The Apple Kougin Amann was nice but did not have as much apple as I had wished.




We had an earlier lunch (just an hour later after breakfast) at Nam Nam Noodle Bar.


It was filled with people so early in the morning so I guess it should be nice. We decided to give it a shot. We ordered a Pho Beef Set consisting of a mini salad, pho beef noodle and a drink (lotus tea) and a Yellow Curry Duck Noodle.


I had never visited Vietnam/ Saigon but had tried Viet food in Singapore. Normally, the Viet restaurants use pickled vegetables which help in opening up the palate for the main course. This mini salad was bland and certainly a disappointment for a start.


This cup of drink is their Lotus Tea. Honestly, I won’t recommend anyone to even try. Why? It is just simply plain water, some lime slices, iced cubes and probably some bitter ingredient in it. If they truly use lotus, it should be sweet and not this horrifying drink. Another disappointment!!


Their pho beef noodle was pretty tasty. The broth was sweet and with the lime added, it gave a refreshing taste. The beef slices were chewy. So worth the try.


The yellow curry duck noodle was normal. It tasted similar to the chinese curry noodle but with a thicker texture.

Somehow, I don’t think I will visit Nam Nam Noodle Bar anytime soon. Really feel that it had been over-rated, based on my personal opinion.

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