Home Cooked with Love

This LNY have been a rather indulgent period where I choose to dine out instead of cooking. Lately, I feel the need to cook more often, especially for my little one. She is a picky eater and her food consumption is pretty minimal when we dine out.

We decided to stay home today and I got myself to do some marketing and cooked dinner.

Lately, fish prices have gone up (guess because it is LNY). Bought a slice of fish (lookalike to threadfin) at SGD$60/kg at the fishmonger today. A month ago, it cost me only SGD$40/kg.


The fish above has been steamed for approximately 15mins, added with a tablespoon of light soya sauce (important to buy good quality light soya sauce) and ginger slices (helps to get rid of the fishy smell).

I like to steam or bake my dishes as it ensure the dish is thoroughly cooked, original flavours retained and definitely a healthier option.


Broccoli & Scallops are steamed for approximately 30minutes to attain the softness suitable for my toddler. A teaspoon of light soya sauce and minced garlic are also added.


I bought 200g of spicy pork bulgogi and belly which I intended to pan-fried. But since I was having craving for kimchi soup, i added the meat and cooked directly with the soup.

This kimchi soup takes 40 minutes to be cooked and served. I added 1 tsp of sugar, 2 tbsp of kimchi, 2 tbsp of hot pepper paste, 5 cups of water, 200g of meat, 1 red chilli (remove seeds and sliced) and 1 green chilli (remove seeds and sliced). Boiled for 30 minutes on high heat. After which, add in 1 tofu (cut into cubes) and boil for another 10 minutes on low heat. Add in sliced leek (as garnish) before serving.

It is indeed a blessing to cook for my family and seeing them enjoy my cooking.

So why don’t you whip up a dish or two for your loved ones today, knowing it will be a healthier choice to eating out?

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