Blanco Prawn Noodle House

It had been awhile since I actually blogged. Nonetheless, will introduce some of my favourite food which I have been indulging during the absence of blogging.

Blanco Prawn Noodle House
Location: Jalan Kayu, Beach Road


This bowl of dry prawn noodle served with deshelved prawns and white noodle is tasty. They are the only store that have the deshelved prawns which actually make it less messy for customers.

To me, a bowl of delicious prawn noodle can be tasted via their homemade chilli sauce and the soup. This store chilli sauce is tasty but the soup is kind of bland. So you can add some red chilli powder (provided) to the soup for extra taste and spice.

Also, you can always find the fried snack store located next to a prawn noodle store. Seems like it is suppose to complement each other.


You can choose from a variety of fried snack like 五香、皮蛋(century egg)、鱼丸(fish ball)、等等.

So the next time you have craving, do try them.

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