Collin’s Grill & Bento

Western food can be found in almost every eatery. But finding a good and value for money western food store is not easy (in my opinion). A colleague introduced this western food store “Collin’s Grill & Bento at Kaki Bukit Place, Mapletree Industrial Building, Food Loft, BLK 6, Level 2 which became our regular lunch place thereafter.

What is so special about their food?

Grilled German Pork Bratwart


It was cooked till perfection, especially for the meat. I don’t really fancy aglio aglio as some places serve it either too dry or too oily. But here, their aglio aglio is so good. It comes with a simple garden salad and corn on a cob.

Grilled Salmon with Mango Sauce


My personal all time favourite order is the Grilled Salmon with Mango Sauce. It is so good and portion is generous. It costs SGD$6.90 for the above order. Wow!!

Brought hubby to try it yesterday and he ordered the Grilled German Pork Bratwart which costs SGD$7.90 for the generous portion. We were so full after the meal. Ordered 2 cups of fruit juices to aid in digestion.


Do give it a try if you are in that area!!

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