Singapore Food Trail

Belonging to the 1980s, there are lots of nostalgic memories which I cannot find in Singapore anymore.

Today, I came across an eatery known as the Singapore Food Trail, located at the Singapore Flyer, Level 1.

Singapore Food Trail is an unique 1960s themed food street which brings back many popular hawkers, some which cannot be found elsewhere. The nostalgic ambience and tasty flavors which belongs to my childhood memories can finally be found here.

Fish Ball & Abalone Noodle

Chewy fish balls & succulent abalone noodle that costs SGD$5.00 is simply worth it.

Oyster Omelette

Tasty & fresh oyster Omelette with its chilli sauce is simply heavenly. Cooked just right which makes it all worthwhile for SGD$5.00 as well.

Scissor Curry Rice

Its name can be derived from the way the hawker uses scissor to cut the ingredients. However, it is a pretty common dish found in many eateries. You can choose your ingredients to accompany the rice and price vary.

Bird Nest’ Drink

The bird nest’ bits are created from a kind of jelly, added into sugar syrup. It is a very popular drink, normally found at pasar malam (Singapore’ Nostalgic Fun Fair popular in the 19th century) and my personal favourite beverage then.

Ice Ball

This is a HOT favourite during my Primary school’ days in the 1990s. It costs me only SGD$0.50 then for this colorful and flavourful ice top with lots of colored syrup. How nostalgic it feels when I saw this.

Ding Ding Candy



My all-time favourite Candy, which I feel no candy can be comparable in the modern world. These are homemade and they are made in a big circle tray which requires 2 metal utensils to break up the candy into small pieces (*will upload the video soon).

Will be returning to the Singapore Food Trail for reminiscing more tasty dishes of the popular 1960s soon. So do stay tune for more updates!!


One thought on “Singapore Food Trail

  1. I visited this place and I must say that it’s a different set up compared to the regular hawkers here. I love the old-school theme of the stalls, I can’t imagine how blissful it is for you to reminisce your childhood memories!

    I want to try the Ding Ding Candy!


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