Singapore Food Trail Ep 2

I am back at the Singapore Food Trail, located at Singapore Flyer, Level 1 to try other popular dishes since the 1960s which I did not manage to do so during the first visit.

Sin Ming Road – Rong Chen Bak Kut Teh


This bak kut teh store serve the peppery version which is my personal favourite. They use white and black ground pepper, whole garlic and premium spare ribs to prepare the soup. It tastes light initially. However, after taking a sip, the peppery favours start to dwell up at the back of my palate. Yummy!! The spare ribs are very tender, which you can dip into the dark soya sauce with chilli padi for extra spiciness.


Old Airport Road Satay Bee Hoon & Satay Celup

We tried the Satay Bee Hoon and I must admit, it was so Good!! Definitely worth the try!! They also serve Satay Celup which is actually food served on sticks, similar to lok lok.


Katong Keah Kee Fried Oyster

I have recommended this dish in the previous post. However, they are so delicious that we are already coming back for More!! The unique thing about this dish is that besides adding eggs and fresh oysters, flour mixture are actually added into the cooking to give it a chewy texture.

The accompanying chilli sauce is a Must! It adds extra spiciness and lift the flavor of this dish.


Iced Ball


Finally got to try the iced ball which brings back so many happy memories during Primary School’ days. This version has ingredients like red beans, atap seeds and jellies wrapped in the core of the iced ball. A dessert to sooth one in this humid weather of Singapore.


I will definitely return again to try more dishes which have not be introduced. So do try tune to more posts @ chefmummytan!


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