Happy Birthday

To my family, birthday is always a big affair which I enjoy thoroughly, indulging in sumptuous meals with loved ones, pamper with presents and most importantly, being with loved ones.

Yesterday was the day I turned a year wiser. So lots of tasty food to be introduced.

Breakfast was at Paris Baguette, located at Wisma Atrium (Orchard Road), level 3. They had such a wide variety of breads, cakes and royal puddings that I just wanted to order everything available. But decided to pick a few which were more eye catching.

Crisp Tiramisu Pastry


The pastry was crisp but there was not enough cream in between the multiple layers of pastry and bland. So it was basically eating crisp pastry with an overload of cocoa powder.  I guess it is still better to stick to the original, Tiramisu.

Royal Pudding (Original/ Mango/ Caramel)


I had fallen in love with this royal caramel pudding. It was so good that I bought the other 2 flavours, original and mango which were just equally tasty. Be sure to try them!!

Flat Bread (Bacon)


Flat bread baked with bacon and cheese. Tasty and savoury!

Sweet Bacon Roll



Sweet bacon wrapped around the bread filled with egg and ham mayo. Another sweet and savoury creation!



A nice cup of cappuccino to start hubby’s morning and perfect with the pastry.

Next, we had lunch at Sushi Tei, located at Serangoon Gardens. We frequent this outlet because of its cosy ambience which set foot in a 2-storey shophouse. There are certain orders to be made whenever we visit any Sushi Tei restaurants.

Corn Crab Maki


Chawamushi (Steam Egg)


I love Japanese steam egg because of its’ silky texture and light taste on the palate. As simple as it appeared, there were many hidden treasures beneath this silky steam eggs such as shitake mushroom, chicken meat, fish cake and crab stick. I’ll usually add some wasabi and light soya sauce to allow a complex of flavours blasting in my palate.

Sashimi Salad


If you are having craving for sashimi but do not what to order, you can try their mixed sashimi salad which includes salmon, tuna, octopus and swordfish sashimi with a handful of lettuce. This is served with their apple sesame sauce which enhance the flavours.

Apple Sesame Sauce


Negitoro Don


This is an all time favourite of my hubby. As seen above, you can see minced tuna belly, poached egg, spring onions (chopped) and seaweed atop the rice. It give the palate an exquisite experience which cannot be described by words.

Hiyashi Chuka (Japanese Cold Yakisoba)


This is my personal all time favourite, Hiyashi Chuka (Sesame Sauce) also known as the Japanese Cold Noodle. It is normally served with chilled yakisoba, eggs, hams, crab meats, bean sprouts, red gingers, cucumber and sesame seeds with either original sauce or sesame sauce with a dash of mustard.

I like the conveyor belt concept in Japanese restaurants which allows you to enjoy your food and great place to catch up over a meal with good friends. So next time you are planning for get together, why not consider Japanese restaurants!

Birthdays are never complete without all your loved ones, especially for my family. We had my birthday dinner at this chinese hawker (also known as Zhi Char) which my parents patronise regularly. It is located at Block 164, Tampines Street 11 (Singapore). You can find many such hawkers within the neighbourhood which serve decent and affordable seafood.


Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat


A dash of pepper and black vinegar actually enhance its flavour.

Fried Prawn Tossed in Salted Egg


Sweet & Sour Pork Chop


Broccoli with Scallops


Stir Fry Sliced Fish with Spring Onion


Chilli Crab


The chilli crab sauce has a sweet & spicy taste added with egg to create a thickened sauce which can be dipped with fried mantou or pour over your rice.

It is indeed an Iconic Singapore’s Dish which you must try when you are in Singapore, along with other iconic dishes to be introduced along the way.

Stay tune to more food updates as I’ll be having several birthday catch-up this weekend!

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