Mara Shabu Hotpot @ Pasarbella, The Grandstand

Birthday’s month means endless feasting. So here we are at Mara Shabu located at Pasarbella, The Grandstand.

(Taken with the manager, Lee standing on the right).


Mara shabu hotpot allows you to choose 2 types of soup base (Mara, Sukiyaki or Shabu Shabu) according to your own preference. Unsure what they are? The restaurant actually presents a leaflet (as part of the table setting) for costumers to find out more about the types of soup base offered (as seen below).


We ordered the Mara (also commonly known as ‘Ma La’ adapted from Taiwanese style’ spicy hotpot, originated from Chong Qing, China) and Shabu Shabu (a light stock base cooked with pork bones). Unlike many traditional ChongQing hotpot, I could actually taste the delicate spiciness of the mara hotpot and not have my palate numbed by the overpowering chilli soup base. Looks are deceiving. As seen below, many of you would probably wonder how spicy the Mara soup base would be? I’d rate it level 5 out of 10 for its spiciness. Its’ flavourful spiciness was so exciting that i almost ignored the Shabu Shabu (by the way, I’m not someone who can take spiciness well).


The manager, Lee and his team of co-workers of the Mara Shabu restaurant actually took the effort to research on introducing something similar but yet different in its own style to its consumers. Instead of being a typical hotpot restaurant, they actually have dishes which probably are served likely in hotels’ buffet, such as fresh oysters, geoduck (a type of clam), baby octopus, pig liver, beef sirloin, swimmer crabs, grey prawns, chicken, pork belly, scallops, sotong, and many more with loads of vegetables.



Other than the wide selection of meat and vegetables, there are also an array of dipping choices for your own concoction or you can choose to follow 5 of the recommended concoction specially designed by the restaurant.


My personal recommended concoction is the Mara Shabu sauce. I thought it tasted like the typical hotpot peanut sauce mixed with other ingredients but I was wrong! Lee actually said that this concoction consisted of more than 10 ingredients, with No Peanut Sauce! Wow!! I’m impressive and still wondering what are the ingredients used to create this savoury Mara Shabu Sauce… …


The price is really worthwhile to pay for the tasty Mara Shabu Hotpot and it comes with free flow of iced green tea. They also introduce new handmade item each week to excite the consumers’ palate. We tried their item for the week, Kimchi (made in Singapore) prepared by Lee and his team which is not the typical kimchi appetizer you get anywhere. So why not gather your friends and head down for a try? Do remember to make reservation for weekend’s visit as there are limit seating and you probably do not want to queue too long.


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