Movie Rendezvous

Being parents literally means my child is my top priority, followed by family and last of all, myself. I am enjoying parenthood for 3 years now and looking forward to many more years before my toddler is all grown up and independent. Besides being totally engrossed with parenthood, I still need my rendezvous with the hubby to unwind.

It had been a fairly long time since I remember catching a movie. Today, hubby decided to cast aside his busy schedule and have a movie rendezvous with me. We manage to catch the morning casting of Captain America: The Winter Soldier at Golden Village, TM. If you are a die-hard fun of Marvel comics and/ or a fan of Captain America, be sure to catch the movie. I’ll not spoil your fun of giving a summary about the storyline. So just head down to the cinema.


How can a rendezvous be without food for unwinding?

In Singapore, I enjoy visiting the local eateries as they are simple yet tasty. We had Pontian Wanton (Dumpling) Noodle for breakfast. This noodle store only serve wanton noodle with flavouring like black sauce, chilli sauce, tomato sauce or mixed. I’ll normally order the black sauce + chill sauce wanton noodle which includes char siew (pork), vegetables, wet/ fried dumplings. This is one of my comfort food which I can eat everyday without getting bored.


How can breakfast be complete without my morning tea?

Starbucks indeed live up to their name of serving savoury coffee & tea. My regular order is non-other than a Grande Iced Soy Chai Tea Latte which is so good because the taste of chai (spice) is not overpower by the soy milk. Ordered a Grande Cappuccino with Low Fat Milk for hubby and a slice of Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack Cake. Heavenly!! The chocolate peanut butter stack cake is so complex with its layers of different flavours coming so well together, I have no idea how to describe it. I guess you will have to try it some day when you visit starbucks.


After the impressive catch of Captain America: The Winter Soldier which lasted approximately 2.5hrs, we headed to Jalan Kayu for a late lunch at Thohirah Cafeela Restaurant (located besides the carpark after Seletar). Upon heading out of Tampines Mall’ carpark, I caught sight of Paris Baguette (opposite Tampines MRT station) and asked hubby to alight me so that I can buy the Royal Pudding (selling at SGD$4.00 per bottle) which I am totally addicted to. These royal puddings are actually similar to Creme Brûlée, except that it is lighter in taste and definitely more addictive.


Thohirah Cafeela Restaurant serves a wide variety of localised Indian food and they are open 24hours for your patronage. You are spoiled for choice with their extensive menus, such as Roti Prata (Kosong/ Egg/ Plaster/ Paper Chocolate/ Marsala/ Banana), Martabak (Chicken/ Sardine/ Mutton), Biryani (Mutton/ Chicken), Curry Fish Head, Tandoor Chicken with Naan and beverages.

We simply order a Chicken Martabak (comes along with a bowl of fish curry), Teh Tarik and Syrup Limus (it is actually rose syrup with lime) which are simply delicious. The martabak are pan-fried till crispy brown, added with shredded chicken. You simply dip a piece of martabak into the fish curry which in turn gives your palate a blast of sweet and spicy flavours. Bagus!! (meaning good/ delicious in malay). The curry might be too spicy for some people (including me) so I’ll normally order a cup of cold, sweet and savoury syrup limus to reduce the heat within my palate so that I can continue the spicy quest.


That’s all for today’ sharing. Do stay tune to my regular updates and you can also follow me on Twitter @chefmummytan or Facebook @Chef Mummy Tan. Wishing all a splendid Wednesday!!

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