Happy Birthday Daddy!!

April has arrived!! This month happens to be the birthdays of many relatives & friends, and one of the most important person in my life, my daddy!! My daddy has been my pillar in life and standing by this family in good and bad times which bring back so many memories that will live with me till the end of time (cheesy me!!).

I belong to the traditional yet modern chinese family and we do not normally hold birthday bashes; unless someone turns full month, 1 years old, 21 years old and 60 years old. My parents make the effort to have regular family meals and taking the grandchildren out for fun since we do not stay together.

I love my family, especially my daddy whom have been the man standing by me, ensuring I have the best of everything he can possibly give. That’s why the phrase, ‘A daddy’s Girl’ applies to me!!

We celebrated my dad’s birthday on 8 April 2014 at this Chinese Restaurant [Specialty Kitchen 特味小厨] located at Downtown East, located at the main building. I’d say the restaurant is family oriented with its simplicity and yet tasty dishes which we had.

Salted Eggs Prawn


Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs


Salad You Tiao


Curry Fish Head


Shark Fin Soup


Shark fin soup originated during the Ming Dynasty, China (1368-1644) and is considered as one of the eight sea treasures. This delicacy was coveted by emperors because it was rare, delicious, and most importantly, it symbolised wealth, power, prestige and honor. This staple of gourmet Chinese cuisine is a show of respect, honor, and appreciation to the guests [adapted from ].

Sharks are facing extinction due to its high demand among the Chinese market. I know that many anti-shark campaigns are conducted in recent years to encourage people to stop consumption. However, it is a Chinese tradition which have been practiced by the emperors of the Ming Dynasty since 1368. Hence, it is not easy for the Chinese, especially the older generations to acknowledge the fact and stop consumption immediately.

Recently, someone posted nasty comments on my tweeter on the above picture. I know that everyone have their own opinions and beliefs. However, I feel that we should be considerate and understand that shark fin soup is a Chinese heritage passed down since 1368 (Ming Dynasty) for its symbolic status and it is not possible to abolished it immediately. Instead of posting nasty comments and start an “unneccessary war”, I would rather that anti-shark fin soup supporters just politely explain the fact of shark extinction, just like how Gordon Ramsay tried to create the awareness [refer to this link at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r65FgUYdBOc] with higher authority in Taiwan.

That’s all for now!! Stay tune to more posts!! Have a blessed Monday!!

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