Happy Anniversary!!


12 years of courtship plus 6 years of marriage till date!! That’s a long time!! As a couple, we have been through many roller coaster rides that have somehow taught us to standby our partners irregardless of any possible trials that may arise out of the blue. We give thanks and praise to our Lord for watching over us and blessing us with our beautiful daughter who has always been our cupid lover to constantly tighten the knot in our relationship.


A couple for more than a decade also meant that we have given each other countless presents to represent our love and affectionate. Also having a family together mean more than just expensive presents. The way to a man’s heart is to satisfy his stomach (with food) works wonder for me (lol!!) My husband and I enjoy food. The most memorable food adventure was during my pregnancy approx. 3 years ago when I have very particular food cravings and we were actually flying overseas to satisfy them.


Today, I decided to ‘bake’ him Tiramisu as it was the first movie (exact title) we watched on 24 April 2002 (exactly 12 years ago at Suntec Eng Wah). Every relationship has an iconic symbol and that’s what make such ‘insignificant symbol’ special to a couple.


This is an adaption from Nigella Lawson’s recipe.


  1. 360ml of expresso (cooled)
  2. 260ml of baileys ( alternate liquor – marsala wine/ khalau)
  3. 75g of caster sugar
  4. 500g of mascorpone cheese
  5. 2 large eggs (white and yolk to be separated)
  6. Cocoa powder
  7. Chocolate (grated)
  8. Ladyfinger biscuits


  1. Whisk 75g of caster sugar with 2 egg yolk till pale yellow.
  2. Add 85ml of baileys and 500g of mascorpone cheese and mix well.
  3. Whisk the 2 egg white till stiff and fold into the mascorpone mixture.
  4. Mix 360ml of expresso with 175ml of baileys
  5. Dip the ladyfinger biscuit into the mixture IV and place it into a deep tray.
  6. Pour the mascorpone mixture to cover the ladyfinger biscuit before repeating the process for the 2nd level.
  7. Chill Tiramisu in the fridge overnight.
  8. Top the tiramisu with grated chocolate and cocoa powder before serving.

Something simple and yet close to the heart!! Happy Courtship & Wedding Anniversary to my dearest Hubby Tan!!

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