Canton Paradise 07-05-2014

Paradise Group have quite a number of different F&B brands under their umbrella, including Seafood Paradise, Paradise Inn, Canton Paradise, Dynasty Paradise and Kungfu Paradise. Each brand actually serve a different yet somehow similar set of menu to cater to the general palate. So you can check out their respective menus and visit them according to your preference.

I visited Canton Paradise located at Compass Point, Level 3 which serve chinese cuisines, including dim sum. The restaurant creates a harmonial ambience which makes it ideal as a family restaurant to me.

Today’s choice of orders are totally different from my previous blog on Canton Paradise.

Pork Belly Char Siew


The char siew is tender and the special sauce used to roast it bring out the flavour of the meat. This is an Must order whenever my husband & I visit the restaurant.

Crispy Duck

Similar to the Beijing Duck, except that they do not serve the skin and meat separately. The crispy duck is tender and it goes hand in hand with the plum sauce.

3 Eggs Spinach


Using 3 different types of eggs, including century egg, salted egg and normal egg to cook with the spinach to create that simple yet complex broth.

Prawn Dumpling Noodle


A popular noodle dish found in Singapore and Hongkong. Most importantly, my little one enjoys it. Except there are only 2 pieces of dumpling in the noodle which is rather stingy of the restaurant.

You Tiao Cheong Fun


This dish is only found at Dim Sum restaurants. Unfortunately, only selective dim sum restaurants in Singapore actually serve them. It is a unique combination of fried dough wrapped in steam dough. I like the uniqueness it gives in term of texture and flavour. Sometimes, the simplest thing in life is actually the most flavourful of all.

Special Chilli Sauce


My husband loves this special chilli sauce which is something I haven’t tasted in other restaurants. I guess every restaurant have its own specialty to get guests coming back for more. Just like Us!

Iced Honey Lemon


It is always nice to fulfill the feasting palate desire by ending with a glass of sweet drink or dessert. I ordered their Iced Honey Lemon which is a combination of sweet and sour to ease my palate of any spicy aftertaste and sooth the stomach simultaneously. They have other beverages & desserts like barley, iced milk tea (specialty) and many more choices to spoil the guests.

So arrange a dinner gathering for a harmonial family meal time!!

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