Happy Birthday to my Not-So-Little Brother!! 08-05-2014

Happy Birthday to my Not-So-Little Brother!!

We are regular patronage of this neighbourhood restaurant located at Block 164 Tampines Street 11 S(521164) as they serve good food at reasonable price. This kind of neighbourhood restaurant (non air conditioned) is popular in Singapore and you are paying approximately 70% of the price paid at those posh restaurants located in the City area for similar food in greater quantity.

Salted Egg Stir-Fry Prawns

The prawns are deshelled and left with only the tail to be deep-fried before stir-frying them in salted eggs. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with the blasting flavours of sweetness (from the freshness of the prawns) and savoury (from the salted egg).


Sweet & Sour Pork

One of my personal favourite dish wherever I go because of its savoury taste and crispy texture. Deep-Fried pork stir-fried with plum sauce and tomato sauce added with tomato, onions, pineapples, red capsicum, cucumber and red chilli (for the added spicy). Garnished with  parsley.


3 Eggs Spinach

This restaurant added wolf berry and fried ikan bills which gives it an extra flavour of sweetness, cripsyness and savoury to the protein filled eggs and spinach dish including salted eggs, century eggs and normal eggs.


Fish Head Steamboat

The broth is cooked for hours using fish bones and herbs to create the sweetness. Vegetables, tofu and fish like snapper, grouper or other choices are added when customers place their orders to ensure the tenderness of the fish. If you cannot decide what to order from a restaurant extensive menu, why not try this steamboat with your family?


Chilli CrayFish

Another of my favourite seafood dish. Being a typical Singaporean, how can I not fall in love with our famous Chilli Crab Sauce? This dish goes well with crabs and crayfish. But personally, I prefer the crayfish as it is much easier to eat without making too much a mess like a crab. Wherever you are, you must order the fried mantou if you are ordering the chilli crab/ crayfish dish. Simply dip the fried mantou into the heavenly chilli crab sauce and savour!! It makes my mouth watery just by recommending this chilli crab dish to you!! One of the Must Order dish if you are visiting Singapore for the first time. But beware that it might be spicy (let the chef knows if you cannot take spiciness too well).


Deep Fried Mantou

A good deep fried mantou is when the bun is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside without absorbing the oil into the bun. It is important that the buns are placed into the deep fryer when the oil is boiling hot to ensure its crispiness. If the oil is not hot enough, the oil will naturally be absorbed into the bun and making it too greasy to stomach down. It seems like a simple dish to prepare but I appreciate the restaurant chef’s effort when I am served crispy yet tender plate of fried mantou. Do not be surprise if you are ever served greasy fried mantou as there are just some chef out there who just want to do a quick job and served food made-with-No-Love.


Mummy’s Homemade Hashima

How can a meal be complete without a bowl of sweet dessert? Thanks to my lovely mummy who made these bowls of tasty hashima from scratch. You can buy ready prepared bottle of hashima from any chinese herbal stores but I appreciate my mummy who always take the time and effort to buy the raw hashima and slow-pick the dirt out before double boiling them with red dates and rock sugar.


Family dinner is always precious time spend together, especially when we are staying apart. Therefore, I am thankful for my mummy who always make efforts to organise family dinner.  In my lifetime, I truly understand the importance of my family and how everyone have stood by me in good and bad times, ensuring that I am safe and always happy even being a mother myself now. I love my family who insists on keeping our traditional chinese culture despite the modernised evolution we see in today’s world, especially with the younger generations which are losing their cultural roots. I would love to continue the legacy for many generations  to come!!

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