Madam Kwan’s / Malaysian Cuisines

Madam Kwan’s is a well-known restaurant in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. I had a taste of its delicious malaysian cuisines a couple of years ago when my husband & I actually drove 5 hours up to Malacca, Port Dickson & Kuala Lumpur for a short getaway. Last year, they decided to open their first overseas outlet in Singapore, Vivocity. I was so happy as my then-office was just a level up and my colleagues were all “tempted” by me to try once they open.


When Madam Kwan’s finally opened in May 2013, I was organising lunch & dinner gatherings there with friends, family & colleagues. All my colleagues were joking about how crazy I am about Madam Kwan’s. During the launch in Singapore, Madam Kwan flew over personally to oversee and serve the customers when the restaurant was busy. She was a friendly and humble lady whom did not mind bringing the customers to their tables and taking their orders to ensure efficiency. As a “Fan” of Madam Kwan’s, how can I not take a photography with her for memory sake since I have never met her once throughout my years of visit to the outlets in Kuala Lumpur!


Shortly after visiting the newly opened Madam Kwan’s in Singapore, we took our first road trip to Kuala Lumpur and of course, visited Madam Kwan’s located at KLCC on 11 June 2013.


Madam Kwan’s Menu in Malaysia (taken on 11 June 2013).


Waiting to be seated at the first available table at Madam Kwan’s at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur (taken on 11 June 2013).


My daughter deciding what desserts she want before the main courses (taken on 11 June 2013).


Finally gotten a seat just right next to the corridor after waiting for approx. 15-20 minutes as the restaurant is pretty packed at lunch time (taken on 11 June 2013).





Enjoying my Nasi Bojari. It is simply Delicious!! (Taken on 11 June 2013).


Paid for the bill in Malaysian Ringgit. This is how much cheaper it cost for the same cuisines in Malaysia.

After the return from the Jakarta trip which I spent half of my time resting in hotel due to fallen sick, I wanted to eat some yummy food to replenish my energy. I decided to have lunch with the husband & daughter at Madam Kwan’s located at Vivocity, Level 1 on a friday afternoon, 16 May 2014 after my dance class which was in Telok Blangah area.

Husband ordered the popular Otah which was actually the first time I am trying it. Many of my friends who visited Madam Kwan’s have recommended this dish which is savoury.  For someone who enjoys fish otah, the meat is firm and lightly salted, which complement the main courses.


Husband ordered their famous Nasi Lemak which was really tasty, especially their sambal ikan bilis. Every restaurant has its signature dish & chilli sauce which are some of the reasons why we visit them repeatedly.  The only “con” of this dish is that the curry chicken size varies depending on what is available in their pot. Sometimes, it can be a pretty small portion of chicken which I find it unreasonable for its price, unlike in Kuala Lumpur where you actually pay 30% lesser for the same dish due to currency exchange.


I ordered my favourite, Nasi Bojari which is similar to the Nasi Lemak, without the curry. I enjoy the well marinated deep fried chicken thigh, beef rending & spicy mango prawns with the colourful Nasi (rice). They serve it in a pretty big portion which can actually be shared among 2 persons. This is my personal recommendation to whoever is visiting Madam Kwan’s for the 1st time.


I always have a sweet tooth for dessert, but today’s appetite was not too good. Otherwise, I’ll order their Iced Chendol with Gula Melaka. This is a popular Malaysian dessert due to their specialty of adding gula melaka instead of sugar syrup. Instead, I ordered a homemade Iced Lemon Tea which was accompanied with a mini jug of sugar syrup for you to add according to the level of sweetness preferred.


Guess the stomach was not ready for large intake, especially after the Jakarta trip. So the next time, I’ll love to recommend more of their tasty Malaysian cuisines to all readers out there. Do stay tune to my updates soon!!

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