Central 中环

Nowadays, our meals include eating out at least 2-3 times a week so that my little toddler can have exposure to different types of cuisine as well as getting my inspiration to try cooking new dishes. On 15 May 2014, we visited Central 中环 located at Vivocity, Basement 2. We frequent Vivocity as it is a shopping mall with many restaurants, shopping for the ladies and kids’ playgrounds, making it ideal for family with young children like mine.


Central 中环 is a HongKong themed restaurant which serves chinese cuisines commonly found in Hongkong such as the rickshaw noodle 车仔面,wanton noodle 云吞面 and many more. It is located at basement 2, opposite Giant supermarket. You can recognise the restaurant based on its nostalgic decorations, with photographs of many well-known HK actors and actresses from the 1960s I think.  


My daughter enjoys chinese noodle so our dining location tends to revolve around something more oriental. She had the wanton noodle which comes with 水饺 and 幼面。Easy to prepare but the broth can make a whole lot of difference to the course.


I had the rickshaw noodle 车仔面 which is a noodle dish added with a variety of ingredients like braised chicken wing, egg, hotdog, crab meat, fish ball and sea cucumber. The broth is mild spicy with minimal flavour. I miss the rickshaw noodle I had in Hongkong as they were much better than what we can find in Singapore.


Husband had the curry baked rice which was not good, compared to many other restaurants we had tried before.


At Central 中环,   they sell the lok-lok which are snacks on a stick, boiled and served with their 4 sauces (chilli sauce, peanut sauce, soya sauce & sesame sauce). They put up the counter for customers to select the snacks and have it dine-in or takeaway.


These sauces are commonly seen at steamboat restaurants as it complement the dishes.


After meal,  a glass of celery-carrot juice (for me) and a glass of watermelon (for the husband) to aid in digestion.

IMG_3635   IMG_3642

Although it does not serve authentic HK food as much as I hope it does, the ambience is nostalgic to  seat and enjoy a cup of coffee / 丝袜奶茶 (milk tea) with your friends / family.


Desserts are always a good booster whenever I do not have a fulfilling meal. So here we are at Black Ball SG(黑丸子)located at Harbour Front, Unit #02-01/02 situated next to DBS Harbourfront branch. We ordered their signature Icy dessert which is flavoured shaving ice top with grass jelly, pearls, red beans, yamQ, golden sweet potato, yam balls & sweet potato balls. They have a wide selection of desserts & beverages to cater to your preference (check out their menu below).

I was so happy to find their outlet in Lotte Avenue during my vacation in Jakarta. If you have read my earlier post on my recent vacation, I was pretty sick and did not have much appetite to consume proper food. So my husband ordered my all-time favourite, Blackball “Xian Cao” Tea with grass jelly that helped to boost up my energy (due to the sugar intake from the tea). In “difficult” situation like these, a nice dessert and/ or beverage certainly rejuvenate the body slightly.

Black Ball Menu

That’s all for today. Do look out for more introduction to more restaurants & home cook meals by Chef Mummy Tan!! Wishing all a blessed day ahead!!

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