Home Cooked with Love Ep 4: Dinners

I do not actually have the habit of reading recipes as I like to explore my culinary imagination based on what I have tasted and feel. It is indeed a risky, yet fun way of exploring different style of cooking since my family will always be kept in suspense of what will the dishes turn out to be in term of presentation & taste. I’m grateful for a supportive & yet annoying husband who always encourages me during time of failure, especially if failed while  attempting my culinary skill with a recipe.

Mussels with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

Mussels with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce served at Fish & Co. is a dish which my husband & I love, mainly because of the Sauce which goes so well with the bread, rice & even fish & chips. We would love to dine there whenever craving calls for it, but my adorable daughter is not a western food’s enthusiast. So to satisfy this once-in-a-while craving, I decided to recreate & experiment this dish based on my own version, with reference to other similar recipes online. The taste did not match up to what I have expected as I had wanted to create a creamy version. So will be attempting it again. But for those of you who would like to know what I have added, the ingredients include Dijon Mustard (mild spiciness), Butter, Garlic (chopped), Green Mussels (steamed & deshelled), Lemon Juice, Salt & Pepper.

I tend to steam my meat prior to stir-frying or boiling as it retain the original flavours of the ingredients & keep it moist & tender for consumption.


Salted Mustard Chicken Soup

This is one of my husband’s favourite soup and I have shared this recipe in my previous post “Soup of the Day”. Something to share with my readers is that if you would like to soften the salted mustard vegetable, it would be good to boil the soup with the salted mustard vegetable for at least 3 hours. You can always add more water than required if you are doing slow boiling because as the water reduces, the flavours will be lifted into the soup.  If you are using the thermal magic pot to prepare your soup, just put the exact amount of water and let the pot do its magic.

Salted Mustard

Steamed Threadfin

This is a simple dish that my grandmother always prepare for the great-grandchildren in the family. This type of fish is known as “Ngoh He”, often referred to as Threadfin which is good for young children. There are many methods of cooking fish but I prefer using steaming for a healthy eating lifestyle. Many people find difficulty in handling fish due to its “fishy” smell, especially if you accidentally buy one which is “not too fresh”. One ingredient which my grandmother commonly uses to encourage the little ones to eat fish is adding old ginger. You can just cut the ginger into thin slices and place a couple of pieces just on top of the fish and add with 1-2 tsp of light soya sauce before steaming. I usually steam the fish with my rice which takes approx. 30 minutes to cook and the rice cooker helps to keep the fish warm & tender before serving.

Steamed Fish

Mixed Vegetables Chicken Rice

As a mother, I have to keep creating recipes whereby my child would enjoy her meal. My child is pretty picky with her intake of food so it is indeed a challenge for us to ensure she gets her “balanced” diet. According to my observation of children around me, many of them do not enjoy vegetables as the taste may be “too strong” for their liking. So today, I decided to cook her favourite chicken rice with a vegetable twist. Surprisingly, she ate the carrots but picked out the peas & corns. I love these frozen mixed vegetables as they are cut into such tiny cubes for easy consumption & not as eye-catching when I feed it to my child. So at least she will get to try and discard what she doesn’t like only after she has tasted them.

Mixed Vege Chicken Rice

Braised Teriyaki Chicken 

Lately, I have been trying to infuse new taste into my cooking as I find that my dishes are getting pretty “boring”. I have a pretty “picky” tastebud and I like new surprises to be introduced to my palate everyday. So I have been trying to get some inspirations from Youtube, TLC, etc.

So here I am! with my braised teriyaki chicken. These chicken parts have been marinated for at least 24 hours with mixed herbs, dark soya sauce, ground cinnamon, chilli flakes & pepper. You can marinate it with any ingredients you like which is easily available in the supermarkets. After which I added teriyaki sauce & water to let it slow-boil for approx. 30 mins till tender & caramelised.

Cola Chicken

Chinese Dried Sausages腊肠

I am particular with the ingredients that are added into processed food like these as healthy eating is very import ant to me. I enjoy eating Chinese Dried Sausages but if you are actually take the time to read the ingredients listed, MSG are normally added into it to make it real tasty. So I have never bought this item till lately, when I found a manufacturing brand which actually excluded MSG. Hurray!!

If you visit the hawkers, Chinese Dried Sausages are commonly found in Claypot Rice or Economy Rice whereby they are stir-fry and served alongside. However, the only issue is that they are normally very greasy & tough after stir-frying. So I decided to try a healthy method of cooking by steaming it as it helps to dispense the excess oil within the sausages and yet keeping its moist & tender texture. My family enjoyed the steamed chinese dried sausages as it tasted less greasy and the flavours are well-locked within the collagen casing that holds the meat together.


Japanese Curry Rice with Cola Chicken

There used to be a very good Japanese Curry Rice store located at Meidi-Ya supermarket @ Liang Court, Singapore. However, I guess there have probably been a change of owner/ chef in the recent years and apparently, it did not taste as good as I remember it. So it was indeed a disappointment during my recent visit.

What do you do when you cannot find the same old flavour? Cook It Yourself!!

I love grocery-shopping at Meidi-Ya Supermarket, located at Basement 1 of Liang Courts. They import a wide variety of fresh produces & products directly from Japan & Overseas which cannot be found elsewhere. That’s already a good selling point to stand-out from other supermarkets in Singapore.

Anyway, back to Cook It Yourself!! I decided to cook my own version of the Japanese Curry Rice which is easy to prepare. Ingredients include Japanese Curry Cubes, Water, Carrots & Potato. You can add onions and caramelised it to add that extra sweetness, although the Japanese Curry Cube already contains Apple & Honey. I like my meal to have vegetables & meat so here we have the Cola Chicken which is actually marinated (dark soya sauce) chicken added with 1/2 can of coke to be slow-boiled till tender & caramelised. It is indeed a new experience for me to enjoy coke in a different style since I rarely consume carbonated drinks.

Jap Curry Rice w Cola Chix

So for all my readers out there, Cooking is Simple & Quick if you know how!!

Cooking can be a Therapeutic & Enjoying process if you would just take your time & discover the Wonders of Cooking today!

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