Singapore Food Trail 4

+ 06 June 2014

My goal is to have a taste on all the dishes sold at the Singapore Food Trail as efforts are made into bringing back all these nostalgic food which we probably can’t get anywhere and it definitely brings back many sweet childhood memories. Being a mother, I am able to share with my daughter the memories through food which is something unusual in parenting, I suppose.

During the 1990s, we can easily get an Iced Ball (without fillings) or Fishball Noodle for just SGD$0.50. But with the advancement of Singapore development and inflation, consumers are paying SGD$2.50 for an Iced Ball (with a spoonful of fillings) and SGD$5.00 for a Fishball Noodle with probably additional 1-2 extra fish balls compared to a decade back. With the advancement in lifestyles, many nostalgic food trails and heritage are lost in the midst. I am in the midst of recovering the many flavours which I have sampled during my childhood and hope one day, I can  cook those flavours and pass it on for many generation.

As for now, let’s return to the Singapore Food Trail located at Singapore Flyer, Level 1 for more recommendations of the stores.

Prawn Noodle


The key to a bowl of tasty prawn noodle is the broth and/ or chilli sauce (for dry noodle). We ordered the soup version as it was meant for my little one. The original store is located at Newton Circus and customers always address the owner as “Andy Lau” which I still don’t understand why! Nonetheless, we used to be regulars there till a couple of years back when we realised that the taste of the broth was getting bland. Definitely not as good as they were. However, the prawn noodle broth (under the same household name as Newton’ Original Outlet) sold at Singapore Food Trail is very tasty . The broth has the flavours necessary for a good bowl of prawn noodle with a generous serving of prawns & pork ribs. Recommended to try if you are a prawn noodle lover like me!

Sambal Stingray


Sambal stingray is a popular seafood dish which Singaporeans love eating. The stingray is wrapped in banana leaf and barbecued with a generous spread of sambal paste. It takes experience & skill of a chef to ensure that the stingray is not overcooked and that’s what the seafood store at Singapore Food Trail has proven. The chinchalok sauce, which consists of fermented shrimp paste, onions, chilli & lime is a Must Have condiment. It gives the sambal stingray that extra punch of spiciness and overall flavours blasting in the palate that I sometimes wonder if I am actually eating the sambal stingray because of the chinchalok sauce!

Beef Noodle (Dry)


There are many variation of cooking the beef noodle, be it dry or soup. You can choose the different parts of the cow including the tendons, beef slices, beef balls, etc. We ordered the dry version which comes with a thick black sauce and loads of beef slices. I must say it was really tasty with a thick flavour and well cooked beef slices, what more can I ask for?

Will be updating more dishes from the Singapore Food Trail real soon!! So please stay tune and leave any comments below.

2 thoughts on “Singapore Food Trail 4

  1. Indeed a tasty adventure @LinsFood. Glad to see you introducing our local delights online/ aboard. It is truly Singapore heritage that we all want to preserve and pass on!!


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