Pow Sing Restaurant 报喜

Located along a row of shophouses at Serangoon Gardens, this Chicken Rice & Nonya Restaurant have unknowingly become one of our family’s favourite dining place.

If you have been to those tea houses in Hongkong, this restaurant somehow gives off that vibe with a homely feel. To complement that, I’ll be introducing some of the dishes I have tried for your own judgement as I realised everyone has their respective views (after reading through some other bloggers’ reviews).

Pow Sing Restaurant is famously known for their chicken rice.  How to resist such a plate of tender chicken that almost melt in  your mouth?


The chicken rice is well seasoned and cooked till perfection. Even my little one would eat a whole bowl without adding other ingredients.


Their achar is one of my favourite item. It is normally served as an appetitizer the moment you are given a table. I just find their achar really well seasoned and delicious that even my husband who do not really fancy pickled food would actually eat them and ask for more!


Bean sprouts with salted fish is an item that I must always order when I have chicken rice. Somehow in my growing up years, it had become like a chicken rice “bundle”. Simple yet delicious!!


Five spices cake normally consists of water chestnuts, prawns and/ or minced pork and of course, the five spices for  for seasoning. Their is fried till golden brown and served with sweet sauce. Really tasty!


A dish which I have not seen anywhere before and it looks so tempting on the menu that I must order and try. It is cabbage wrap with prawn paste, likely steamed before cooking with vegetable curry sauce and served hot! Unique and worth the try!!


My favourite dish – Fried Sotong. If you order this similar dish in other restaurant, they normally use the small sotong / squid and deep try it till crisp before stir-frying with honey and chilli sauce. However, Pow Sing restaurant present this dish with the big sotong, which makes it much tastier as usually, the small sotong will have a piece of “plastic” alike stuff attached within its body which you have to remove it, making it “inconvenient”.


That’s about all for now. Will introduce more exciting dishes soon and a big piece of Good New will be coming up in October so please stay tune to my blog. As for now, my sincere apologies to my readers who have to wait so long for new blogs lately!! Thank you for your patience.

Wishing all of you a blessed day ahead!!

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