A New Arrival is on the Way!!

Hi everyone!!

Apologies for the delay in my blogs lately as I am officially 3 months pregnant. This first trimester have definitely taken a tow on my weak body with the full day “Morning Sickness”. I could hardly consume any food without throwing them out and it certainly makes me so lethargic thereafter. Compared to my first pregnancy, this pregnancy is indeed more tiring with an obvious bump at 3 months. But I am thankful that baby is healthy and active during checkup yesterday.


Being a pregnant woman, I have very specific craving so the husband actually tried to satisfy my craving despite knowing that I would throw up at the end of the meal. A major change in this pregnancy is my tastebuds which was pretty upsetting as suddenly, all the food I like seems to taste “different” from what I remember them to be. In fact, till date I have almost turned into a temporarily vegan as I cannot consume any meats (except seafood) so I guess I have a fussy eater inside me! 

Since we were in Town for checkup yesterday, we went to TWG located at Ion Orchard for lunch to satisfy the husband’s craving!! Simple dishes but big flavours.

Iced English Earl Grey

Despite being pregnant, I still have my craving for black tea. Instead of stopping all together, I decided to take moderately as there are already not many drinks which I can consume without throwing up, including plain water.


Hot English Earl Grey


Summer Quiche 

This is my favourite dish at the moment as the quiche is baked till crisp on the outside and warm on the inside with a generous dose of vegetables (carrots, pumpkins, eggs and spinach). Accompanied by a mesclun salad make with their tea dressing!!


Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon

The husband’s egg benedict with smoked salmon was so tempting. Simple  yet delicious!!


I’ll hope to write more often whenever I feel better as I am feeling so sleepy all the time and each session probably last me 2 hours or less before I need to take a nap. Last week, I attempted dance lesson hoping to recover some energy but ended up throwing up without doing much. Pretty depressing for  a dancer!! Hoping for all these discomfort to go away real soon and looking forward to baby’s arrival in approx. 7 months time.

Wishing everyone a good day ahead and do stay tune to chefmummytan.com!!

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