Craving of a Pregnant Woman : Spicy Food | Nakhon Kitchen

Whether it was my first pregnancy or my current pregnancy, I have specific cravings from specific food outlets / restaurants. I remember flying a fair bits during my first pregnancy to some destinations just to satisfy my cravings. With such prior record, my gynaecologist have given his warning of No Flying!! Well, I guess I’ll just have to be obedient for once since I have a pretty fussy eater inside me.

One of my pregnancy craving is spicy food. So today, I’ll be doing a simple introduction to one of my favourite Thai Food restaurant in Singapore, Nakhon Kitchen. Authentic Taste & Reasonable Price! But just be prepare to Queue if you are visiting them during the peak hour.

Appetizer | Green Mango Salad

A mild spicy salad. The only thing that I wish had been improved was to cook the french beans instead of serving it raw.


Appetiser | Thai Fish Cake


Entree | Tom Yum Seafood Soup

Very spicy but it gets really addictive as you slurp down more!!


Entree | Green Chicken Curry

Thick curry and really tasty. I can just have a bowl of this with a couple bowls of rice.


Dessert | Red Ruby and Jack Fruit

My personal Must Order dessert at Nakhon Kitchen because they are just a great compliment to the spicy dishes I had before that.


Drink | Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass Tea is good to cool down the heat within, especially after all the spicy dishes which really burn, especially the Tom Yum Soup.


I am thankful to my husband who would rush around to satisfy my craving amidst his busy work schedule. It had been a tough time since we do not have a housekeeper to help us out so tasks which are too heavy for me to handle, he will naturally have to take over. So Praise the Lord for my husband!!

Do continue to stay tune to and have a good week ahead!!

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