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I guess I am still an authentic Chinese at heart. I love Chinese cuisines as much as I am proud of the Chinese Traditions & Cultures, especially with the strong influence of my grandmother. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be introducing some of the Chinese Restaurants / Cafes in Singapore which I frequent.

新旺茶餐厅 Xin Wang Tea Cafe

A Chinese Cafe Restaurant which serves simple cuisines that is alike the HongKong Culture. It is a great place for gathering, without burning your pocket. They have a wide variety of food and beverage choices which I suppose is pretty exciting for diners who love to try everything on the menu.

I frequent the branch located at Marina Square pretty much more than any other branches due to its availability of seating and definitely much more peaceful for a meal with my family. I have very little patience for queuing which is like a trend of Singaporean. So somehow I guess, I belong to the minority who will not queue if I have to wait for anything more than 15 minutes, including waiting for people.

Appetitizer | Pan-Fried Carrot Cake


Entree | Chicken Cutlet Curry Noodle

My husband loves anything curry but to me, I find the curry sauce way to sweet as pineapple is added into the recipe. So naturally, it does not fit my tastebud of Curry.


Entree | Homemade Papaya Soup Noodle

A signature dish in their menu as well as my personal favourite which must be order every time I am there. Nothing fanciful about this dish, just its simplicity that captures my tastebud.


The homemade papaya soup noodle comes with a choice of either Chicken Cutlet / Pork Cutlet / Sliced Fish / Luncheon Meat. A generous piece of deep-fried cutlet which I normally request to be separated from the noodle.


Beverages | Iced Lychee Tea

Despite being pregnant at the moment, I find it hard to keep away from Black Tea as there are not many beverages which I can drink without throwing up. I have to avoid all citrus beverages / green tea despite being in my 2nd trimester because my body rejects them anyway. So it is a myth that pregnant women prefers Citrus Food & Beverages. The bitterness of the black tea with the sweet lychee syrup balance the overall flavours and indeed a treat with a generous serving of lychee meat.


Beverage | Iced Milk Coffee

Ordered by my “coffee-holic’ husband who cannot function his day without his dose of coffee. Milk Coffee / Tea is a traditional beverage popularly ordered in Hong Kong. Compared to the wide options of coffee beans used in “American Coffee”, the Chinese keeps it simple in the art of coffee making.


Due to this pregnancy whereby I get tired easily, I tend to eat out more frequently much more than I want to. So I am hoping that my condition will improve for me to cook more healthy homemade dishes, especially for my husband and daughter.

So do stay tune to and leave me a comment.

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