A Walk Down Memory Lane Part 2 | Katong Convent


Approximately 2-3 weeks ago, when I decided that I should do a story of the things I have in possession that sums up my 10 years as a KCian (6 years in Primary, 4 years in Secondary), I was faced with the biggest dilemma of where to begin.

Initially, I thought it was going to be an easy task to retrieve my possessions but it had been proven me wrong. These possessions of nearly 2 decades were all over the place and I was about to give up when my mum decided to do some clearing up and had all possessions delivered to my place in case she accidentally throw away any confidential documents or prized possessions. Thanks to my mum, I managed to retrieve these sentimental possessions in which the best way to document them down would be via photo and share with everyone.

C.H.I.J Katong Convent Primary School

My “Collection” of Badges from Katong Convent Primary which have already turned yellowish!! I used to have many CCAs in KCP and one of the most significant position is being an appointed AVA monitor who goes round “repairing” the OHP which is already obsolete in today’s context.


A clip board distributed to all students in 1993 to commemorate National Day.


I was not an active participant in Sport Day’ events since Primary School. Hence, this is really a rare trophy which is still in my possession till date.


This zip block plastic file was the main character, containing all the “evidences” of my years in Katong Convent (below)!


Literally a “prized possession” when I saw this empty jotter book in the folder (above) with my name and class (Amethyst 6) written. Amazingly, it had not turned yellow after nearly 2 decades. I am totally impressed!!


That’s about all of the possessions I could find that traced back to my fun childhood days in Katong Convent Primary School. Now, let’s see what I have retrieved of my Katong Convent Secondary memories!!

C.H.I.J Katong Convent Secondary School

When was the last time you actually put on your Blue Pinafore?

Mine was in 2008 during a company event. Being petite, I was able to fit into my white PE T-shirt (inside) and faded Blue Pinafore despite graduating in 2000. There were many colleagues wearing the IJ Pinafore, but all of their are either new or because their daughters are currently schooling in one of the 11 IJ. I guess I was nostalgic to have kept  my pinafore till date. They may have faded but my stories as a KCian live on!!

(Below photograph taken with a colleague, who happened to be an ex-KCian and she had her library perfect and house badges well-kept too).


These are some of the badges that I managed to find, well hidden in a cookie tin. We had 4 different colour houses then and I was proud to be a member of the BLUE house!! The badge which contained memory of my appointment as a Library Prefect in Secondary 3 to 4. The mini collar badges was a memento during our graduation. As seen from the photograph, my badges are still in a good condition after 14 years (graduated in 2000), unlike the Primary School badges although they were kept together in the very same tin.


My “prized possession” – The Katong Convent PE attire (last produced in 1999). Compared to the current material, this PE attire was almost translucent when you wear it. You can literally see what colour garments your classmates are wearing beneath them. But I must admit the material is so comfortable that I am still using it as a home T-shirt after 14 years. It is definitely not as white as it should be, but still in good condition!



I remember that we had to buy different coloured ring files for different subjects then. Does the current students still have to do that?


I found my Report Card given in my 1st year in Katong Convent Secondary and this is indeed “retro” to me as I could not find the other 3 years report cards, although the report books should be well-kept in one of my storage boxes in the store room. I was not able to retrieve the report books due to being heavily pregnant at the moment (instructed by husband not to carry any heavy items).


I love to swim so the only sport event I have participated in my 4 years would be the Annual Swimming Meets.


Some memories to my Love for Chinese Language then. I participated more actively in the Chinese Book & Music Week, ranging from being an emcee, to singing, story-telling and Chinese Dance Performance  with my classmates.



This was an inter-school dance workshop which I represented Katong Convent Secondary in 1999, along with my juniors (Chinese Dance CCA) and the Malay Dance CCA, held at CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School. It was a fun exposure of learning other cultural dances and working with students of different schools. Mdm Zakiah Bte S. was the teacher-in-charge of taking us to-and-fro this event. I had a written article in our 1999 Year Book on my reflection for this workshop.


A folder and some material in celebration of the Beatification of Blessed Nicholas Barre on 27 May 1999.


The mass booklet to commemorate the 70th anniversary, also our first combined (with KCP) external mass at Church of the Holy Family located along East Coast Road.


CHIJ Katong Convent 70th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine (below)!


One of the costumes from my 4 years in the Choir. I think this costume might be the one used in the 70th anniversary dinner held at Shangri-La (need to check back on year book).


Found these 2 test tubes which was used during my Secondary 4 days. I remember that we never had to buy science equipment when I first enter KC. But guess we girls were quite careless and always breaking the equipment. Eventually, we were made to buy some of the equipment so if you break them, you buy new ones!!


I found this mini-autograph book which was given to all graduating students in 2000 during our camp retreat (if I remember correctly) and it had all the encouragement messages which my classmates and teachers wrote. 


This was (below) written by my then form mistress, Miss Hwee Yuet Mei (now known as Mrs Chang Yuet Mei).


This was the graduation booklet distributed at the ceremony and apparently, my name was spelt wrongly!! I can’t remember if I actually realised that then! Our graduation tea was held at Oriental Mandarin located at Marina Square which everyone finally have the chance to dress up!!



My After Thoughts


Katong Convent Secondary School have definitely transform each and everyone of us in one way or another. In my personal opinion, I would love my girls to continue this legacy and hopefully by then, they will understand why mummy will always be proud to be a KCian!!

I hope all of you have enjoyed reading Part 2 of A Walk Down Memory Lane – Katong Convent! Do leave any comments below and stay tune to more posts on:

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