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Dance has always been a part of my life and this is something not many of friends who just knows me are aware of. Only reason is because I have retired from professional dancing since early 2007. I do still attend weekly dance classes to ensure that I do not get too rusty and losing all the flexibility. However, watching dance performance is something I have not attended for a long time due to parenthood.


Thank to a good friend, Selwyn Koh who was really nice to give us the tickets to Don Quixote, presented by Singapore Dance Theatre which allow husband and I to take a night off with the assistance of my parents to babysit BB.


It was a ballet performance | Don Quixote presented by Singapore Dance Theatre, held at Esplanade Theatre.


Personal Comments

Honestly, I have not watched a ballet performance for at least 4 years. Having this opportunity to watch Don Quixote, I was amazed with the overall stage production as their backdrops were beautiful established. It allows the audiences’ imagination to run wild with the performers and it make me feel as though I am “participating” in the set. The only disappointment was that the performance was not as impressive as I remembered SDT to be. I am not sure if things have changed over the years due to competitions from overseas dance companies, because as far as I can recall, SDT’s performance used to be practically “full house”. But when I attended the performance last Saturday, only the main and 1st level was occupied which surprised me. To me, I believe in supporting our own local arts group, provided that the artists and productions are worth my time.

Hopefully, with the given time and training, the company will have further artistic development to escalate and bring Singapore Dance Theatre to a whole new artistic level to create that impression worldwide.

Brief Introduction | Singapore Dance Theatre

Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) was founded in 1988 by Goh Soo Khim and Anthony Then. The Company has since developed into Singapore’s premiere professional dance company. In 2002, SDT was honoured to have been given the opportunity to grace the official opening of the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay with the opening performance of Boi Sakti’s Reminiscing the Moon.

More than a decade on, SDT continues to have the privilege to perform in a world-class performing arts venue, exhilarating audiences with a myriad of repertoires. In the course of each year, the Company performs six seasons annually, with three full ballet performances at the stage of Esplanade Theatre. The highlights of the Company’s performance season each year include the widely popular outdoor dance event – Ballet Under The Stars at the Fort Canning Park, two full length classicals, Masterpiece in Motion which brings together three works of the finest international choreography, as well as Passages Contemporary Season.

The Company’s repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary ballet, from renowned choreographers like Goh Choo San, George Balanchine, Stanton Welch, Xing Liang, Val Caniparoli, Graham Lustig, David Dawson, Jorma Elo, Edmund Stripe, Kinsun Chan, Edwaard Liang, Nils Christe, Toru Shimazaki and Christina Chan.

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Anyway, watching the performance by SDT reminds me of the days I used to attend their Adult Ballet Classes, under the tutelage of Simonne Smiles and Robert Mills. This is the very place that I established my foundation for the ballet techniques, although I started with classical chinese dance training since eleven under the tutelage of Ms Lee Bee Choo and the late Mdm Lee Shu Fen.



That’s about all for today. Continue to stay tune to and leave me a comment below if you would like to suggest any topics that I could possibly add more colours to my readers. Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday!!

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