Baking Adventure | French Macarons

French Macarons are probably one of the tastiest and most challenging dessert in my personal opinion. It is not easy to master the art of baking French Macarons as baking them are more about “Method” rather than “Recipe“. There are so many recipes and videos found on Youtube but the true art of mastering the French Macaron is Practice.


I am a home baker like many of you out there and many a time, I feel intimidated even by thinking about trying to bake the the French Macarons. They look easy but honestly, it takes a lot of time, patience and practice to get them right.

I first tried baking the French Macarons several months ago and they failed terribly. At the point of time, I told myself that I should just give up “trying” and purchase them from the store. Personally, I did a reflection on the failure and I guessed that it was probably due to “under-mixing” which takes experience to ensure the consistency is Just Right and also might be due to the silicon baking tray which I have problem with all of my bakes (so far). So I really have ‘fear’ towards baking these elegant yet challenging French Macarons. All I could think of then was: “Will I ever succeed?”


I have an amazing baker at home and she is my mother. She is so precise with her art of baking that she always present any pastries to perfection at the first attempt. During my growing up years, she always tell me to just eat her pastries instead of attempting. I remember during my teens, my cousin and I attempted our first Tiramisu and we failed terribly. At that moment, instead of expecting an encouragement from my mother, she simply told me to “forget about baking” which was just what I did till 2 years ago when I moved to my own place and decided to be a Stay-Home-Mother. That’s where the fun begin!!


After so many months of avoiding the French Macarons, I decided to attempt them once again. To those of you who are curious as to where I got my recipe for this recent attempt, click here: Beth’s Foolproof French Macaron Recipe – Youtube.


How it all started for this 2nd attempt was mainly due to my daughter. There was one night when I was doing some work on my laptop and she saw the French Macaron picture on my blog. Immediately, she requested for french macaron which I have no idea where to purchase them at such a late hour and to attempt it will really take a long time which I am not even confident of attaining success. In the end, I manage to convince her to buy some the next day.


In this 2nd attempt, I followed the recipe (as usual) and try to base on my own judgement to try ensuring the folding process of the almond mixture and meringue mixture is Just Right! Of course, the process does not end here. The virtue of waiting is also the key characteristic of baking French Macarons. To me, there was an important foolproof tip 7 which was not mentioned in the video on ‘how do you know if your French Macaron is ready?’ Just remember that French Macarons are similar to Meringue, so you know that they are truly ready when they do not stick to the base of the parchment paper and can be easily lifted off.


I was so happy when I saw the “feet” appearing in the midst of baking in the oven and I know I have succeeded which I am so thankful for, especially to my husband who have been encouraging me in my cooking and baking journey. Therefore, I am specially dedicating this article to him.

Being a home cook, I am grateful each time a dish and/ or bake turns out successfully. To me, ‘Simplicity is Happiness’ especially when my husband and daughter enjoy eating what I have prepared. So to all home chefs out there, don’t be discourage when you did not manage to create that “perfect” dish and/ or bake. Just remember, ‘Practice makes Perfect!’ and according to a chinese idiom, ‘失败是成功之母’ which literally means ‘Failure is the Mother of Success!’

Hope you have enjoy reading my blog and stay tune to Chef Mummy Tan for my next article.

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