Restaurant & Me | Wild Honey @ Scott Square

The fact about being pregnant is that I always have specific cravings. The only con of this pregnancy is that my gynaecologist refused to give the approval to travel due to my first pregnancy record of travelling every few months to eat.

Anyway, the wonderful truth about living in Singapore is that you can get almost any kind of cuisines, as long as you can name it! So today, I will be introducing one of my personal favourite, all-day breakfast restaurant | Wild Honey located at Scott Square and/ or The New Mandarin Gallery.

Let’s start the day with a warm cup of drink!!





Or Me? (Just Joking)


Wild Honey have an extensive all-day breakfast menu to choose from and the portion (per plate) is pretty large so be prepare to be well-fed.


I ordered my all-time favourite | Boulevard St Mich which comprised of bacons, parmesan poached eggs (actually it was more like hard boiled egg after deep-frying with parmesan), spinach soufflé, thick french toast, grilled tomato with a tomato salsa-alike sauce.


The husband ordered the classic English Breakfast which comprised of sausage, pan-fried potato, bacons, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, grilled thick toast and baked beans.

I guess by looking at the photograph basically inform you how gigantic the portions are and we were definitely filled to the brim. But nonetheless, it was worth the price. If you are planning to visit them during lunch, dinner hours or weekends, I would suggest that you make an advanced reservation as it is hard to get a seat during the peak hours.

So having treat your sight to a sumptuous all-day breakfast, it is time to taste them yourself.Do stay tune to for more treats to your sight soon!!

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