Reflection 2015


A brand new year to achieve new goals and/ or leftover goals yet to be met in 2014.

2014 had been a blessed year for me as God has provided abundantly for me and my family. Importantly, He gave me time-off to reflect and learn to move on in life. Praise the Lord for blessing us with a newborn to be welcomed in a couple of months’ time. Although we are not first time parents, nonetheless still excited to receive this gift of life which is given in His promised time. Through the trials and tribulations over the years, I have learn to wait patiently for the promise in His time. It is definitely one of the hardest things but it is totally worth it. I am looking to achieve more in 2015 although the pregnancy have certainly make me less energetic. But when you believe in Him who does Miracles, there is nothing impossible.

Hereby wishing everyone a great Monday from Singapore!! Do continue to support and look forward to more yummylicious food blogs and interesting sharing of life from me!!

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