Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice is one of the must-try dishes when you visit Singapore. There are so many different stores around this island and I have probably introduced a few in my previous posts. Today, I’ll be introducing another Chicken Rice Restaurant which I feel that it is worth the visit!

Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice

I was introduced to this restaurant (recently) by 2 good friends of mine who frequent them. It is  a “hidden gem” along No. 8 Braddell Road and the dishes are impressive. Since then, it had been listed into one of my favourite restaurant.

Open Daily from 10.30am to 10.00pm (Last order at 9.40pm).

The issue with this location is its “miniature parking lots” and inaccessibility if you do not have your own transport. But the good new is they do have online ( / call delivery (6285 4261 / 6285 4153) with a nominal charge depending on delivery distance (do note that there is a slight differences in terms of cost for online order Vs phone order).

** They have another store located at No. 562 Serangoon Road which I have yet to patronise and will definitely drop by someday.

Open Daily from 11.00am to 11.00pm (Last order at 10.40pm).


Steamed White Chicken

How can you order Chicken Rice without the tender and succulent chicken? You can opt for Roasted Chicken or Steamed White Chicken according to your preference. If you cannot decide, just order half of each type!!


Sweet & Sour Pork

This is a common dish at many zha char stores but the porks are fried till crisp and it does not lose its crispiness even after being stir-fry with the vegetables and condiments!! Especially to my husband who (super duper) love sweet & sour pork, he really felt that these are really Good!!


Salted Fish Bean Sprouts

Simple yet tasty bean sprouts. Nothing fanciful to highlight but it just one of my favourite type of vegetables.


Cereal Calamari*

This dish totally caught me by surprise! I really enjoyed it (although I am not a big fan of calamari) . The cereal was fried till fragrant and the calamari were crispy. Delicious!!

*chef’s recommendation


Thai Style Fried Beancurd

Crispy on the Outside, Tender on the Inside!! Yum Yum Yum!!

Honestly, the simplest food in life is actually the tastiest (in my opinion!)


Stir Fry Spinach (Broth) with Assorted Eggs 

The spinach is cooked Just Right! and the broth is sweetened with the assorted eggs and wolf berries. There are not many places (in my opinions) that are able to cook the spinach till perfection.


Hope everyone who is reading this article has a fulfilling insight to your sense of sight!! Do visit them or order online to try them soon!!

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Wishing everyone a great start of the week!!

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