Ootoya Japanese Restaurant (Singapore)

I have a bunch of good friends who I meet up twice a year, normally around late Nov and Christmas!! Why during these 2 periods? Because in late Nov, we would be busy engaging in our Chinese Dance Teacher’s Certification Training Course conducted by Beijing Dance Academy (since 2010) and thereafter, Christmas!!

Due to my recent pregnancy and some of them being busy with other schedules, not everyone was present for last year (2014) course. So below is a picture is the complete platoon with our youthful examiner / trainer (right roll, last 2nd person) after our examination / course in Dec 2013 @ Sukiyaki Hotpot located at Bugis+.

BDA 2013

The previous year, 2013 Christmas gathering was held at my place whereby we had a potluck and gift exchange before everyone return to their busy schedules for the New Year (2014).

For 2014, only 3 persons were able to undergo the course (of course there were additional new participants from external), Peter and I went down to support them during the examination day and we had lunch (usual practice) with the guest examiner / trainer at Lao Beijing located at Plaza Singapura #03-01 which I did not manage to take any food picture (to avoid impoliteness in front of the guest trainer).

However, as mentioned earlier, we would always have a 2nd meet-up for Christmas and this time round, we had lunch at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant located at Orchard Central #08-12 which have a homely dining setting.

Ootoya OC

Source: Photograph extracted from Ootoya Singapore Facebook

So how can a meet up be complete without any food? Here are what we ordered:

Appetiser | Chawamushi (Steamed Egg)


Entree | Pork Belly Shio Koji


Entree | Miso Tonkatsu


Entree | Tara Kurozu 

Deep fried cod fish with Sweet and Sour (black vinegar) sauce.


Entree | Steam Rice with Scallop and Soup



Entree | Oyako Don


I have organised a Chinese New Year catch up lunch in late February 2015 so do look out for our steamboat feast.

Wishing everyone a good February, especially with Valentine Day and Chinese Lunar New Year coming up in less than a month’ time.

I have not been writing as constantly as I wanted to due to getting tired easily in this 3rd trimester (approx. 3 months to the arrival of my newborn). Nonetheless, thank you to my readers for being here. You can follow my other social media for constant updates of photography at:

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