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Being a Singaporean and Chinese, I love casually walking in Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period to indulge in the ambience (but beware of the long queue outside the Bak Kwa Store “Lim Chee Guan”). Chinatown is another great location with lots of hidden gems (food) and one of my favourite is the Hock Lam Beef located at 22 China Street #01-01 Far East Square (situated near the parking entrance of Far East Square).


Well-known for their Teochew Beef Kway Teow, the Hock Lam Beef is currently handed-down to their 4th generation, Ms Tina Tan (since 2004). They have been upholding their standards and quality to be acknowledged as a True Singaporean Heritage Delicacy since 1911.

*More informations can be obtained at their website |


I have been craving for beef since my 2nd trimester of this pregnancy. There used to be many  impressive beef noodle stores during my growing up years. Unfortunately, many stores have somehow “gone out of sight” due to whatever reasons you may think of.


Today’s visit to Hock Lam Beef (original store) have not disappoint me. Thanks to my husband for always trying very hard to satisfy my specific craving. It is not easy having a wife who have specific craving of food from specific stores!!

Compared to our last visit about 2 years back, Hock Lam Beef have introduced more variation of beef bowls and/ or mains to spoil you now.


We ordered the Set Meal Specials which consisted of an Entree (Beef Bowl / Main), Side Dish (Spicy Nuggets / Coleslaw) and a cup of Drink (Lime Juice / Homemade Barley) starting from S$11.90.


Since there are 2 of us, we get to order different items to share. I will certainly recommend the Homemade Barley to the Lime Juice (probably from concentrated lime syrup). But it is really up to individual’s preference, I guess.


The spicy nuggets should be renamed as the Taiwanese Spicy Chicken Bites  as that’s what it tasted and looked like. The coleslaw was ordinary but a good choice if you want to have a balance of Meat Vs Vegetable!


Husband ordered the Hand Sliced Beef with Thick Noodle (you can choose from 3 different types of noodle) with Dry Broth (also available with the Soup Broth version).

It was nice seeing the 3rd generation owner, Mr Anthony Tan still active in the business (despite semi-retirement I guess). When he saw my huge tummy (knowing I am pregnant), he told me to remember to indicate my beef to be well-done since the usual practice is normally medium well (if I did not remember wrongly).


I ordered my usual, Beef Balls Thick Noodle (Dry). As you can see, they serve the mustard vegetable, spring onions and chilli separately as some customers may not prefer the extra garnish which I felt was pretty thoughtful (although it meant more plates to be washed).

I love the bowl of herbal beef soup which was served alongside the beef noodle as it was really tasty.  It sort of give you the “Best of 2 Tastes” to savour simultaneously.


Without further waiting, let’s tuck in!!

After the satisfying brunch craving at Hock Lam Beef, we headed to Chinatown (be warn that the traffic is “massive” despite being a Late Monday Morning at 11plus) for our nostalgic Chinese New Year Shopping!!


We walked from Chinatown Point towards Temple Street (where the Chinese New Year street market begins) and along the way, you can see a long queue outside Singapore Heritage Bak Kwa Store, Lim Chee Guan. The queue begins as early as 6am (from what I heard) when the store is not even opened.

IMG_1700 IMG_1701

The humid weather is really a “challenge” for this pregnant woman here to actually shop and try to squeeze myself through the crowds. Met my gff, Angie shopping with her colleagues during their lunch hour. Somehow it is amazing how we always try to catch up but find it tough to meet due to our different schedule. Who would expect us to meet in the most “unexpected” place at the “unappointed hour”?!

Anyway, we headed for dessert at 味香园 located at 63-67 Temple Street to cool down. They have a pretty good selection of hot and cold desserts.

May I have your order please?


We ordered a Mango Snow Ice to share. The snow ice shaving was not too sweet although the mango was extremely sour. So a good blend I guess (though I would prefer sweet mango)!!

After the treat, we continued with our shopping.


We bought a Chinese New Year Couplet “五福临门” which refers to the five blessings (Longevity, Wealth, Health & Peace, Doing Good and Enjoying a Ripe Old Age) arriving at the door, literally meaning a benediction for the coming year # (above) and a pair of Pineapple which is literally translated as “Welcoming Prosperity to the Household” (below).

# Reference adapted from: Digital Taiwan


So hereby wishing everyone:

新年快乐 Happy Chinese Lunar New Yea

生体健康 Good Health

财源广进 Personal Wealth Prosperity

生意兴隆 Business Prosperity

学业进步 Academic Excellence

Continue staying tune to Chef Mummy Tan’s updates!!

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