9/15D of CNY | The Magic of ChongQing Hotpot

It is the Chinese custom for family to gather on Chinese New Year’s Eve for Steamboat (originated >1000 years ago from Mongolia) known as 团圆饭 | Reunion Dinner for a time of reunion bonding and meal bonding, especially when everyone is always so busy all year round.

Are you ready to feast?

I’d normally have 3 rounds of reunion dinner with my extended family, parents and in-laws

IMG_1908 IMG_1907

But recent years, husband and I would also have our own reunion steamboat (during the 15D of CNY) at our all-time favourite restaurant, The Magic of ChongQing Hotpot located at 19 Tanglin Road #04-06/07 Tanglin Shopping Centre.

A few things we enjoy at The Magic of Chongqing Hotpot are:

A) Oriental Layout which creates a great dining ambience to enjoy the Hotpot with your love ones without having to rush for time.


B) Single/ Dual Steamboat Soup Base to be chosen out of 3 different selections for the buffet menu. Our usual order are the ma la broth and chicken broth.

Alternatively, you can opt for their ala carte soup choices from the following:

  • Herbal Chicken Soup | S$15.00
  • Fish Head & Preserved Vegetable | S$15.00
  • Black Chicken Soup (One Day in advance) | S$18.00
  •  Nutritious Herbal Soup With Black Chicken (One Day in advance) | S$25.00
  • Nutritious Turtle Herbal Soup (One Day in advance) | S$108.00
  • Nutritious Herbal With Frog Leg Broth (one Day in advance) | S$25.00

C) Selection of Food which you can order according to availability on the menu (extensive). There are also some special on-the-house items which are served sequentially and if you want more, you can place an order based on ala carte charges.

On the side of the menu, they have also inserted a recommendation on how to best enjoy the MaLa Hotpot.


D) Eight Treasure Tea (Iced/ Hot | Free Flow)* This is my personal favorite beverage. It includes 8 different herbal ingredients and refreshes your tastebud.

*Beverages are charged based on ala carte.

E) Sauce & Paste which consists of Sesame Oil, Chilli Sauce, Peanut Paste & Garlic Chilli Sauce for consumers to mix & match according to your own preference.

My recommendation is:

  • 2 tbsp of Peanut Paste
  • 1-2 tbsp of Chilli Sauce
  • 1 tbsp of Sesame Oil
  • 1 tbsp of Garlic Chilli Sauce

F) Desserts which are served after the Hotpot. It is based on per person serving so if you want more, you would be billed on ala carte charges. But I must admit, the desserts are so delicious that I truly don’t mind ordering more as some of these oriental chinese desserts are not available in other restaurants I have visited.

  • Water Chestnut Jelly
  • Egg coated Glutinuous Square (dip with Icing Sugar)
  • Fried Roll Bun (dip with Condensed Milk)
  • Black Glutinuous Porridge / Mixed Fruit Jelly

The Opening Hours are as follow:

  • Lunch | 12pm – 3pm
  • Dinner | 6pm – 11pm

That’s all for today!! Since it is still in the Chinese New Year season, Chef Mummy Tan hereby wishing everyone:

新年快乐 Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

生体健康 Good Health

财源广进 Personal Wealth Prosperity

生意兴隆 Business Prosperity

学业进步 Academic Excellence

Do leave  a comment below and Continue staying tune to Chef Mummy Tan on all my social media platforms for daily photo updates.

3 thoughts on “9/15D of CNY | The Magic of ChongQing Hotpot

  1. Just to correct that The Magic Of ChongQing Hotpot is owned by IndoChin Investment Pte Ltd, not IndoChine.

    Just make me realised how similar these 2 companies have named themselves. So did IndoChin come first or IndoChine? 😉


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