Three by Table Concepts

Three by Table Concepts is a F&B restaurant that serves 3 different countries’ cuisines, mainly Thai, Japanese and French.

They are located at the newly opened Seletar Mall, level 3.


Today, we decided to have lunch at Three by Table Concepts after hearing about it from my girlfriend who lives opposite me.  

Their extensive menu totally spoils you. However, there are limited stomach space for my husband and myself. Hence, we decided to try their lunch set which are pre-planned menu from each of the 3 cuisines (Thai, Japanese and French) comprising of a soup, a salad and a main at S$6.90++ (excluding GST + Service Charge). Customers may include a drink (Coffee, Iced Ocha or Iced Lemon Tea) for S$1.00 which is reasonable.

We ordered a coffee and an iced lemon tea.


The husband ordered the Modern Thai Set which comprised of a Mesclun Salad, Mushroom Tom Yum and Fried Rice with Chicken.

I had the Casual Japanese Set which comprised of a Mesclun Salad, Miso Soup and Fish Seiro. 


The lunch set is reasonable for an average person, although they served mini sized salad and soup. The plus point of mini sized food portion is that we could order additional items, such as an appetiser for a variation.

We ordered the Thai Fried Toufu which was crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. However, their version had the extra chilli flakes as part of the sauce may not be suitable for the faint hearted. 

That’s all for today. We will definitely return to try their ala carte menu someday. Hope your appetite have been raved by the pictures. 

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