Restaurant and Me| Jack’s Place

Pregnancy may be Over! Confinement may be Over! But my food craving is Not Over!! It continues from here, with my palate at its full capacity to function properly.

Husband had craving for steak so we visited Jack’s Place located at Compass Point, Level 4 (Singapore). It may not be the best but decent quality and pricing. Of course convenience was another important factor.

In the past, restaurants used to serve plain water by glasses. Nowadays, they serve you a carafe.

Soup and bread is always the first appetiser to be served before entrée and I wonder why.  

Escargot is a dish of cooked land snails, usually served as an appetizer in Spain and in France. Escargot is a typical dish in the Catalan region of Spain. (Wikipedia)

Simply cooked in olive oil and fried garlic. Served with Tobasco. 

Medium (Well) Sirloin Steak with Wild Mushroom Sauce. Would have preferred them served in Jack’s Place signature sizzling hot plate. But I guess that’s the con when you order the Lunch Set.

One of the pull factor that we patronise Jack’s Place is for their signature Baked Potato served with Sour Cream, Bacon & Spring Onions. 

It was an additional side order since they are typically served with entrée on hotplate. Loves the generous amount of toppings (sour cream, bacon and spring onions) which complements the baked potato.

A completion to a good lunch set comes with coffee/ tea and dessert (red velvet cake).

That’s all for today. Do continue to stay tune to Chef Mummy Tan’s social media platforms via WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/ or Google+ for more food adventures!!

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