Restaurant & Me| Family Sunday Date

Our Heritage

The PUTIEN brand traces its roots to its namesake city of Putian – a beautiful coastal suburb in Fujian, with rich cultural history and storied tradition since its settlement over almost one and a half millennium ago. Modern Putian cuisine carries the essence of its people from ages past – unpretentious, simple and pure.

Our Cuisine

It takes a special kind of conviction and an even more extraordinary mettle to pioneer a cuisine with such remarkable antiquity attached to it. But we set out to deliver only the most unadulterated tastes, the most heartwarming, sincere service and a gastronomical experience so enjoyable that it will always hold a place in your heart; Lip-smacking good food made with an unyielding enthusiasm that you can feel in every mouthful. Our delicacies will always carry the essence of our coastal city heritage – fresh, light, invigorating.”

Extracted from PuTien Singapore.

Sunday is always family day and today, we invited my Aunt to join us. We patronised Putien Restaurant, located at Level 2 of Parkway Parade, a place with ample memories of my childhood.

Appetiser | Braised Peanuts which was automatically included as an item in the bill. Customers are not obligated to consume them if the appetisers do not interest you. Just inform the service crew to remove them.

There were many options of beverages to satisfy your tastebuds. We ordered chrysanthemum tea (菊花茶), coke and rock melon juice.

Every Chinese Restaurant have their own “secret” formulated chilli condiment. For Putien, it was Hot Mum 辣妈

Putien is well-known for their Seafood Lor Mee 卤面  which have a sweet broth, springy noodle, fresh seafood and vegetables.

I have never like Brinjal till my Aunt introduced me to this dish, Fried Brinjal with Pork Floss many years ago. Since then, I have never looked back.

The Honey Yam is a personal favourite. I have not seen another restaurant serving up this dish. Simple and yet delicate so definitely worth a try!!

Nothing can go wrong with a crispy sweet & sour lychee pork. Perfect with a bowl of rice and we had 2!!

It was a very fulfilling lunch and thereafter, it was FUN time with the various activities that promote family harmony. Developing the artistry of the children through DIY painting activity purchased at the Art and Craft booth.


We had fun on the Animal Ride by ZooMoo which is a seasonal activity. It cost S$5.00 per ride. Optionally, you can purchase 3 rides at S$10.00 which keeps the animal riding about 5 minutes each.


After the children had their fair share of fun, it was shopping time for me.

“No photography allowed for shopping” as ordered by Chef Mummy Tan.

Time always passes by very quickly when you are in FUN engagement. Soon, it was evening and we headed to Katong Shopping Mall for dinner. This nostalgia place have a basement food court which serves my favourite chicken rice. It is located in the indoor food court and to ensure you are at the right store, always look out for their unique “Saffron” Chicken Rice.


Another iconic item (not on the menu) is their homemade Acar. It is free flow and self-service if you are dining there. Otherwise, they would normally give a box alongside your other orders.


“Steamed or Roast Chicken?”


After my recent delivery, I notice changes in my favour for food once again. Chicken dishes have somehow dropped out of my list except their steamed white chicken which were so tender and deliciously tasty!!


Blanched Bean Sprout is a popular dish that is always served alongside Chicken Rice. But I found an additional ingredient – Abalone?


Wow!! It have to be the first store that served abalone slices with their bean sprouts. Nothing much to complain except that I wished they would remove the bean sprout casing.


Our weekend ended on a good note and I hope the same goes for you.

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