Restaurant and Me| Canton Paradise


“Unique Hong Kong charisma that Canton Paradise captures so beautifully – taking diners back in time to the sixties in the former British colony in a modern adaptation.

Canton Paradise spells oriental chic with vibrant chirpy interiors akin to the bustling activity present in Cantonese eateries. A show kitchen lets diners take a peek at the chefs’ deftness at carving the roasted meats, a classic Cantonese treat amongst other all-day dim sum delights. In addition, Canton Paradise offers other traditional favourites like wanton noodles, congee, rice dishes and roast meat – an amazing assortment bound to please!

Relish the finest Cantonese fare, soak up the bustling atmosphere and pursue the love affair with the best of Hong Kong at Canton Paradise.”

Extracted from Paradise Group.


“A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words”.

Prawn Dumpling Noodle


Salt & Pepper Fried Tofu

Fat Lady Char Siew

Stir Fry Vege & Minced Meat

Sweet & Sour Pork

Sweet & Sour Garoupa Fillet

Iced Lemon Honey

Hongkong Milk Tea


Tip of the Day

To enjoy more savings at all Paradise Group restaurants, sign up for the Paradise Gourmet Rewards (card-less system). Sign up as a member for S$30 and they would credit P$30 (counter application) or P$32 (online application) into your account which can be offset for your immediate purchase. Hassle free since you do not have to carry an extra card in your wallet (just provide NRIC number). At the same time, you can earn reward $$$ points on each visit which is accumulative and can be used to offset future purchase. Basically, a worthwhile reward program to purchase!

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