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It takes a special kind of conviction and an even more extraordinary mettle to pioneer a cuisine with such remarkable antiquity attached to it. But we set out to deliver only the most unadulterated tastes, the most heartwarming, sincere service and a gastronomical experience so enjoyable that it will always hold a place in your heart; Lip-smacking good food made with an unyielding enthusiasm that you can feel in every mouthful. Our delicacies will always carry the essence of our coastal city heritage – fresh, light, invigorating.”

Extracted from PuTien Singapore.


Lately, the husband is “addicted” to the delicious chinese cuisines at PuTien restaurant. Thus, we are back here once again with loads of different dishes to introduce to you.


What would you order for beverages? We prefer the chrysanthemum tea (without sugar).


We ordered the fried bun with shredded chicken and sautéed onions as appetiser.


Loves their specialty chilli sauce, Hot Mum 辣妈 (direct translation) which complement their dishes!


This is the place where I fall in love with this dish “Spinach with Assorted Eggs” where the spinach is cooked till tender and their broth is really superb. You can simply drizzle the broth over your rice and eat it plain.


If you like herbal soup like I do, you can order their Drunken Prawn Herbal Soup. It comes with 2 pieces of drunken prawns bathed in the herbal soup base in a bamboo container.


A simple yet delicate Egg Tofu with Vegetables dish.


Crispy Sweet & Sour Lychee Pork. But wait a minute?! How come there is only 1 piece of lychee?

Putien is well-known for their Seafood Lor Mee 卤面 which have a sweet broth, springy noodle, fresh seafood and vegetables. If you observe carefully, almost every single table would order this dish.


We love visiting the outlet at Parkway Parade, Singapore as it is a family friendly location. Also with the fact that my growing up years were spend in Marina Parade. Hence, a place that holds beautiful memories of my childhood.

Hope everyone have enjoyed a insightful food photography session and do continue to stay tune to Chef Mummy Tan’s social media platforms via WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/ or Google+ for more food adventures!!

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