Restaurant & Me | Family Sunday Date 

Every Sundays belong to Family Time where we go on advantures with the children. Today,  the hubby decided to take the children to see the Merlion, an iconic representation of our home, Singapore.

Situated at One Fullerton, we have the majestic Merlion and a mini Merlion. The scenic view overlooking Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyers, The Floating Platform which was really beautiful.

Breakfast at Lady M, One Fullerton. I guessed we were pretty early, so there were only a few choices available since delivery had yet to arrive. Nonetheless, satsifactory breakfast 😋😋😋.

Mont Blanc, rich chocolate mousse which tasted 👍 and almost like an “ice-cream”.

Signature Original Mille Crepe which was So Good that we were very tempted to order another slice.

The Checker, as seen in the photograph above was pretty balanced in terms of its chocolate versus sponge. I can probably eat another slice without getting too “sick” of its chocolaty aftertaste.

In the humid Singapore weather, enjoy a popiscle to cool down!

A Quick Bite Coffee Bar for some refreshments.

A Hotdog stand for takeaway? Feels so America😜.

Took the underground path linking One Fullerton to The Fullerton Hotel, a heritage hotel.

To act like a tourist, we need to pose and take photo!! 😜

Love the majestic vibes that this heritage hotel gave. Maybe a staycation soon.

In preparation of celebrating Singapore’s 50th Birthday, The Fullerton Hotel have displayed a heritage art exhibition of the Past & Present. So do drop by for a view and perhaps enjoy a High Tea before leaving?

It was already noon and we headed to Vivocity (5 minutes drive) for lunch at Paradise Dynasty & shopping.

Ordered their Beef Lamien and the highlight is the superb broth 👍👍👍.

Honestly, their chicken dumplings are competitive to the pork dumplings available at Ding Tai Feng (鼎泰丰).


Ordered a bowl of Chicken Cutlet Lamien. Their chicken cutlet is crisp and salted like the Taiwanese version 盐酥鸡.

Their Shanghai Fried Bun is pretty average. Totally not worth the 40 mins wait. Definitely won’t be on my order list the next time I visit them.

Hope you have enjoyed my sharing of our family sunday outing and a little more knowledge of our little Red Dot which we call Home.

Singapore will be celebrating her 50th birthday on 9 August 2015.  So if you are planning for a travel, do consider Singapore and join us in the Jubilee Year celebration.

That’s all for now. Do stay tune to for more stories and/ or follow me on instagram, facebook, google+ and twitter for daily photo sharing of people, food and place.

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