Dinner Date @ Paradise Inn

It had been a while since I dined at Paradise Inn. Today, we decided to have an impromptu dinner at our regular outlet located at Seletar Mall. 


Some people may wonder how am I a “regular” customer? Well, the first thing I asked the manager today was “You have changed the menu?” Apparently, they have just did a revision to the pricing (est. increment of S$2.00 for every item), removed several items & introduced new items just 6 days ago.

To increase the patronage on regular days, they have actually introduced the 50% Off Daily Favourites in July 2015 where customers can simply order the discounted item of the day but you must have an OCBC credit card. 


This has to be my favourite beverage “Apple Lychee Tea.” They have quite a number of Iced / Hot Tea combinations for selection. So what’s your favourite?


It is not easy finding cooks who can whip up tasty brinjal. But the ones served here are good. Cooked with brinjal, minced meat, salted fish, chilli and their sauce till tender. Then, ganished with spring onions and served Hot πŸ‘.


Hot plate Tofu with Egg (found on the bottom of the hotplate, radish, minced meat and their sauce is another of my recommendation if you decide to have dinner. Inform the crew to omit the chilli upon order if you are planning to feed your little ones.


Last order is Sweet & Sour Pork. Crispy fried pork stir fried with lychee, capiscums, onions, chilli, pineapple, plum sauce & tomato sauce.


That’s all for our humble family dinner with the children. Let me know what is/ are your favourite dishes from Paradise Inn in the comments below. It is always nice to see expansion of our home grown establishment overseas (Yes, I patronised Paradise Inn even when I travel to Jakarta for visitation πŸ˜€.) 

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Signing Off,

Chef Mummy Tan

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