Family Fun Sunday 23 August 2015

Good Sunday Everyone from Singapore. How have your weekend been so far? Weekends always seem to tick by so quickly that we try to spend as much quality time with the children as possible.  


Today, we headed out to Suntec City for our regular family fun sunday since the children were kept indoor yesterday as Daddy & Mummy were fighting the cough, flu & food poisoning bugs respectively, all thanks to the uncleaned food we had from Fish & Co. restaurant located at Seletar Mall 😷😷😷. 


Breakfast began at Han’s Family Cafe with our caffeine beverages of the day – Coffee & Homemade Iced Lemon Tea.

Cheese Omelette & toasts for the missy!


Sunny Side Up, Sausage & Toasts for the Mister.


Missing Soft Boiled Eggs (forgot to take photograph before slurpping them up) & Kaya Butter Toasts for the Mrs!!

Headed to Toys R Us and later, our fav. Lego store located at Level 3, besides the Post Office.  

Bought a Large Cup of Pick-Your-Own-Bricks for family bonding game. It enhances an individual’s creativity since there were no specific construction models.


Spent nearly 2 hours inside the store trying to fit as many bricks into the large cup for maximised purchase πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

Before we knew it, it was already 1plus and the children were hungry. Took a less than 5 mins drive to Singapore Food Trails located at Singapore Flyer for takeaways.


The husband ordered a Large Oyster Mixed Omelette (S$10.00) since we will be dropping by my parents’ place.

First time trying the Hainanese Chicken Rice and it was decent πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Worth the try!

Do you prefer Roast Chicken or Steam Chicken?

Ordered the Prawn Noodle Soup for the children.  


To suppress the increasing cost of ingredients, some hawkers are giving less ingredients to maintain pricing (s$5.00/ bowl). Honestly, the dish is just insufficient to fill the stomach. Maybe that also explains the passover of hawkers nowadays since customers can just top up a little more to dine at air conditioned restaurants.  


That’s all for tonight. Do continue to support Chef Mummy Tan and follow me on instagram, facebook, twitter and google+ for daily updates of food photography!! 

Signing Off,

Chef Mummy Tan 

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