Seoul Yummy!

Good Afternoon from Singapore (15 September 2015).

How have your weekend been? For almost all Singaporeans locally or overseas, it would have been an exciting & nerve wrecking week because of the General Election that happened on 11 September 2015. Our very first election without our highly respected Minister Mentor, LKY. Forever in Remembrance of this man who led Singapore with our ancestors to make this Red Dot a safe place for every Singaporeans to call HOME.


Since 11 September 2015 was also a declared Public Holiday, we took the children to Ion Orchard after fulfilling our duties as responsible citizens when we notice this Korean restaurant, Seoul Yummy situated at Basement 3. Did not patronised the restaurant as the children requested for Sushi so we headed to Itacho Sushi instead.


Nonetheless, we decided to head to Seoul Yummy (Marina Square) yesterday to fulfill our Korean Food craving. Honestly, it is difficult to find authentic Korean Cuisines in Singapore as many “authentic” local Korean Restaurants have made adjustments to fit the tastebuds suitable for the locals.


At Seoul Yummy, they have a wide variety of appetisers, main courses, desserts and beverages that allows you to create your own meal set or choose their customisable combo to pacify your tastebuds.





What would your choice be?

We ordered their Signatures Combo for 2 pax which we had:


Army Stew with Assorted Meats (beef, pork belly, hotdog, luncheon meat, spring onions, golden mushrooms, carrots, korean rice cake, korean fish cake, baked beans).


Refillable Side Dishes + Fried Pork Dumplings (forgot to take photograph)


Hot Red Beans Mochi Soup & Marshmallows


Nowadays, I need carbo in my diet to ensure sufficient BM so ordered their Multi Grains Rice at S$3/ bowl.


Top Up additional S$1.90/ glass for their Homemade Iced Lemon Tea with AiYu Jelly. If you look carefully to the right, you would notice the metal fence with Wishing Locks. This is a charity initiative program by Seoul Yummy to help their charity partner.


That’s all for now. Leave your comments below. Will try to write more when I have time to get my hands free from busy handling a newborn 😜😜😜.

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Signing Off,

Chef Mummy Tan

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