Happy Lunar New Year 2016

Hello!! Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year & Prosperity in the Year of the Monkey 🐵!  

It had been awhile since I blogged. Being a full time mummy (with No helper) and managing the chores can be a rather tedious matter. 

Nonetheless, time passes real quickly when you are consistently on the heel running after 2 toddlers. 

Right now, we are in the midst of the Lunar New Year (15 days of celebration in accordance to Chinese tradition). Feasting with family is one of the time we enjoy, also to catch up with each other, especially since we do not live nearby. So if you have not followed me on Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook/ Google+, here goes some sumptuous feasts I have been enjoying:

Reunion Dinner with Family ❤️

Venue: 天外天 situated at Blk 9007 Tampines (behind Tampines Safra)


 3rd Day of LNY | Lunch with the Neighbours

Venue: Paradise Inn


3rd Day of LNY | Dinner with Family

Venue: 天外天 situated at Blk 9007 Tampines (behind Tampines Safra)


That’s all for today!! Since it is still in the Chinese New Year season, Chef Mummy Tan & family hereby wishing everyone:


新年快乐 Happy Chinese Lunar New Year

生体健康 Good Health

财源广进 Personal Wealth Prosperity

生意兴隆 Business Prosperity

学业进步 Academic Excellence 

Do leave a comment below and Continue staying tune to Chef Mummy Tan on all my social media platforms for daily photo updates.

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