Hello March!

Hello Everyone!! It had been a long time since I blogged. Many things has happened for me in just this first quarter of 2016, thus the long absence. So Instagram is probably one of the social media which I try my best to post pictures (without much writing) on my updates. 

March is a recuperating period for me, especially being overwhelmed by life. Eating well is an essential part of our daily life to keep us moving ahead. So on this special Good Friday, I had quality time with family beginning with lunch at Paradise Dynasty.


Simply ❤️ their broth & noodle. Compared to many noodle restaurant, I’d consider it a rather huge portion for one 😋.

Do you prefer Hot or Cold beverages? 

Szechuan Sour & Spicy Soup.


Fried Mantou usually goes best with Chilli Crab Sauce. But I simply enjoy it with a dip of condensed milk 😋.  Marvellous Combination 👍🏻.

Stir Fry Organic Bamboo Shoots with Bacons. It is slightly spicy since they added Chilli padi. But pretty delicious. I guess I’d probably request for non spicy version the next time I patronise the restaurant 😉.


Sweet & Sour Fried Fish is tasty. I guess nothing can go wrong with a stir fry sweet & sour dish. 


Enjoying Blackball Purple Sweet Potato & Grass Jelly Shaving Ice dessert almost right after lunch 😋. I must admit I cannot resist their dessert.

Thankful to my husband and children for always satisfying my craving all the time. 

Especially with our busy daily life, the children also hardly have quality time with their grandparents. So tonight, it’s dinner and sleepover at the grandparents’ place 😘.


Enjoying a steaming fish hotpot with my parents is one of my favourite time since we do not live nearby. 


Another Sweet & Sour Dish | Pork Rib King.


Frid Prawns in Mayonnaise and lots of shredded lettuce.


My dad always ensure we have the best delicacy (Shark Fins Soup) despite knowing we are avoiding consuming shark fins to support the campaign. It is just not easy to change the mindset of my parents’ generation. 


Scallops & Broccoli is simply a “matchmake in heaven”.

After a satisfying dinner with my parents, we brought the children for some fun at the neighbourhood playground to expand their never ending energy. And we bump into the traditional ice cream motor cart so I simply have to buy them. 

These ice cream motor carts are part and parcel of my childhood. However, there are not many left due to the pop up gelato stores in  nearby Neighbourhood Malls.  

This elderly couple are still selling them for a dollar per ice cream. You can choose to enjoy the ice cream in cone, waffle, bread or cup. 


My choice is always the traditional homemade flavours (attap seed & chocolate) in cone. What about yours?  


The children are simply enjoying their ice cream but in cups to reduce the mess.

That’s all for today. Do follow chefmummytan on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus for photo updates. 

Wishing everyone a blessed night. 😘

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