Birthday Staycation

Omg!! Time is simply ticking by, way too quickly!! My littlest Princess is already One πŸ˜‚. We had a birthday staycation cum celebration held at D’ Resort situated at Pasir Ris Downtown East.

Downtown East had a major revamp to their resort and it is now partially ready and open for booking. They have different style of rooms to cater to your preference. We booked the Rainforest Family Themed Room which is more like a Hotel styled resort as compared to the Beach View/ Mangrove/ Park View.

Entrance of the Rainforest Themed Room is a simple walkway plus makeshift pantry with a Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker.

Daddy and the littlest Princess trying to break the passcode to the in room Treasure Chest. A little fun treat for the children by the resort in conjunction with their jungle theme πŸ‘πŸ».

We stayed in the Rainforest Family Room which consisted of a Queen Size Bed and a Double Decker Bed. This is an experience for the Little Princesses as well as for the daddy & mummy to decide if we should invest in a Double Decker Bed for the children who have been co-sleeping with us since birth.

Verdict: Double decker bed’s investment will not be realised as the princesses prefer to co-sleep with daddy & mummy.

Having an exclusive play area to cater to Rainforest guests, specifically children was truly appreciated. We were assigned to the room right next to it which allowed the children to have fun as and when they like during our 3D2N staycation.

Our initial plan was to utilize the Rainforest Lobby area, designated for buffet parties by patrons of the Rainforest Resort. Unfortunately, D’ Resort decided to have a month long renovation to the flooring of the area (much to our dismay after booking) without advanced notification to customers 😬. We were only informed by the designated caterer in the finalization of the buffet booking for our guests. 

Nonetheless, we decided to host the celebration at White Tangerine Restaurant, which is situated on Level 2.

Delicious Food & Cozy Environment πŸ˜‰.

After the guests had their satisfying dinner (I hope each and everyone of you ate your fill πŸ˜‹), we had the cake cutting ceremony with a 2-tier Mickey & Minnie Mouse themed Strawberry Shortcake, customised by the artistic team of Baker’s Heart led by Chef Zach Leong.

I would to thank all the guests who came to join us in this joyous occasion (once again). Thank you for your time and generosity for the littlest princess’ education fund. 

That’s all for today. Do follow chefmummytan on WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus for photo updates. 

Wishing everyone an Enchanting Month of May & Happy Labour Day!!

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