Hello September 2016

Hey Everyone!! I know I have not been posting for a long while. My apologies as I have been happily dedicating myself to my 2 princesses who are growing way too quickly. 

Also, we have been exposing them to more family hands-on classes rather than stay home activities since the children get bored easily. So here is a flashback to our 1st family bake-off:

A hand-on Junior Masterchef bakery course for Princess Ariel where she learnt to prepare pizza and red velvet cupcakes from scratch just for Father’s Day. It was conducted at Tott Store situated at Suntec City. 

I would describe it as an interesting, yet annoying experience with some screw up on the attendees’ list by the staff.

Thankfully, we managed to attend the Junior Masterchef bakery course after some “persistence” pressure. The princess had been looking forward to this course for the whole week. So we definitely did not want to disappoint her since it was no fault of ours. Glad it ends off on a happy note 😀

The princess  definitely have no issue getting her hands “messed up” with flour, oil, etc. It was definitely a good experience for the children to learn how food that they consume are made from scratch. In our case, it was Hawaiian Pizza and Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Thanks to Chef Mimi Wahadi for the fun-filled bakery session that lasted approx. 2 hours. 

For the Daddy, he certainly ❤️ the yummy “surprise” made specially by his princess. Even the littlest princess enjoyed the pizza. 

That’s all for today. Look forward to my next blog on our recent Chocolate, Nutella & Banana Swiss Roll family bakery course at Tott Store, Dunearn Road :p. Do subscribe to Chef Mummy Tan’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus for regular photo updates


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