9 Nov 2016

Hello Everyone!! My apologies for the long awaited post. I have been dedicated myself to managing my own business from home and also the children. Although it had been 3 years since I left an office schedule to work from home as a full time Mommy & trying to build up chefmummytan.com (which is to commemorate my 2nd little one who is with the Lord), I must admit it is not easy to juggle everything on my own. But I praise the Lord for my leap of Faith as being able to be there for my children is an unexplainable joy and “pain” 😂 despite the ups and downs.

I have not been posting a lot of pictures but I have been diligently cooking. So do support Chef Mummy Tan by checking and liking my IG @chefmummytan, facebook, twitter and Google+ for day to day pictures.

Thank you in advance 😉.

So what did you have for lunch? I was having my kimchi fried rice made with kimchi by yours truly 😘. Lately, I have been making my dishes from scratch for a healthier lifestyle. Thus, will post my recipe soon.

For my friends in United State of America, it must have been a tough 2 days amidst the election. Everyone have their own view of who they prefer as president so May our Lord have mercy and grant the peace upon the Americans for the result.

Before I end my post, here are my dishes for dinner:

  • Grilled Salmon with Maple Soy Sauce
  • Stir Fry Nai Bai with Garlic Oyster Sauce
  • Slow Boiled Lotus Prime Ribs Peanut Soup

Hereby wishing everyone a blessed Wednesday from Singapore!! Do continue to support Chefmummytan.com on my various social media platforms.

Yours Truly

Chef Mummy Tan

9 Nov 2016

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