Being a “Stay At Home Mum” gave me the opportunities to explore healthy cooking method and explore the food haven of Singapore. I love to eat, watch and travel (before I was pregnant) which inspired me to cook and bake. It is not an easy task to begin with since I have never tried cooking or baking prior to being married. Honestly, I have amazing cooks and bakers at home which prompted me to question myself, ‘Why is there a need for me to cook or bake?’

Being a Stay At Home Mum was the beginning of my cooking journey but it was not the initial intention. My ‘Angel Baby’ was the reason of my cooking saga and I am thankful that a loss had in turn become my motivation to ensure my family gets healthy meals cooked with love by Chef Mummy Tan.

Cooking is pretty time consuming, especially after a hectic day at work for many Singaporeans. My inspiration comes from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minutes meal. I used to think that it was only possible for Jamie Oliver since he is a professional cook and can do multiple tasks easily. I started off cooking by taking hours to prepare everything. But this phrase ‘Practice makes Perfect’ applies in my cooking saga. Now, 30 minutes is sufficient for me to prepare a 3 dishes + 1 soup for my family and I like to share it with my readers so that they can also learn and enjoy the therapeutic art of cooking, without being a MasterChef!

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